Update 19th May 2006

It is getting to that time of year now where Magnus is sitting in the corner of the pool splashing the Animal Care Team. This reminds the team he is not to be forgotten he is there and very hungry.

Lizzie is now off eye treatment, as her eye condition is much better and is spending more time in the pool.

Anneka is still on treatment for her squinty eye, but this appears to be very on and off. The Animal Care Team thinks she is messing with them.

Sheba, Snoopy and Fatima are all still aware that Magnus is receiving special treatment and keeping popping up beside him during feeding time in the hope of getting some extra fish.

Marlin has been spending quite a lot of time with Atlanta recently he has discovered that she is a very pretty and lovely seal and wants to be with her; however, we think Atlanta is just finding Marlin annoying, Poor Marlin.

Ray is continuing with his harassment of Magnus Ray is approaching maturity we think and so is going to the master for some top tips on how to get the ladies.

Flotsam and Jetsam have been enjoying our recent spell of warm weather and can often be seen basking on their rock at the end of the day, and occasionally first thing in the morning.

Flipper is still having a few problems with his eyes, and we have now given a new treatment to see if this helps. Flipper and Yulelog have settled in to their new pool, and that the nearby chestnut tree provides a lovely shade, when sunbathing gets too much.

Rocky and Pepper have enjoyed a special treat this week of conger eel, which then enjoyed very much since it has been awhile since their last one. Rocky seem to be in his element as he trashed it around the pool. Pepper is still struggling a bit with her arthritis, but is continuing to use her new bed.

Carus has been the centre of attention this week as a group of students have been in filming and just had to have loads of footage of him at feeding time and him posing on his rock.

Mika and Chaff both are still the favourites with our visitors at the moment, especially during in feeding time, when the Animal Care Team tries out new commends and exercises with them. Mika has become wise to our tricks and at the end of the feed too and sometimes refuses to go back in her pool when asked. Chaff likes the sound of his own voice, and when the pool is empty and being cleaned he can be found at the bottom mooing (which is the sound Fur Seals make in the wild) and listening to the echo.

Thai and Bamboo are still enjoying their recently cleaned out pool and have yet to annoy the Animal Care Team by filling it back up with stones, and anything else they can find around their enclosure.

Muffin, Tuppence and Bracken, our ponies, are moulting heavily at the moment. We are also adding garlic powder to their feed to help keep away the flies, which seem to be now bothering them.

All the goats have been quiet this week, and keeping out the way of the rain.


On Tuesday Bock was moved down to the nursery pools to join Stoggs and Bogart, but Bock seems to be feeding a lot better then them this means he should be moving to the convalescence pool very soon.

Stoggs and Bogart both continue to eat well just very slowly.

Bailey, Ghost, Skiff and Tanglefoot were released on Tuesday at Porthtowan beach (see release update for more details)

All other pups continue to do well and pile on weight at a steady rate.

The Sanctuary is very sad to have to report the sudden and unexpected death of Doom Bar, one of our rehabilitating seal pups. Doom was recently diagnosed with significant dental problems requiring surgical intervention, as a result of the subsequent veterinary procedure, Doom failed to regain consciousness from anaesthesia. The Sanctuary is awaiting a full post mortem report, and regrets this conclusion for what was a brave seal.

Our new leaflet for 2006 is now available to download from the visitor's information page.

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