Update 19th January 2007

Magnus is continuing to go through his annual moult and has now grown some new hair all over his back. He is very perky at the moment and also very hungry.

Fatima is spending a lot of time with Sheba.

Anneka is being very naughty and can be found chasing the Animal Care Team around the convalescence pool.

Lizzie and Atlanta are still the best of friends and are never far apart from each other.

Sheba is dividing her time between Fatima and Snoopy. Sheba has also started to moult and is spending a lot of time sleeping in the sunshine (what little we have had this week).

Snoopy is continuing to moan at feeding time, and when she is not moaning (which leaves very little time for anything else) she is found sleeping on the side of the pool. Snoopy is also starting to moult, so that will give her something else to moan about!

Atlanta is enjoying the company of Lizzie and spending time together.

Ray is happy to be back in water and seems to be growing new hair on his body, as at the moment, he is sporting a fuzzy face. Marlin was a little depressed at the beginning of the week, but has now perked up over the last few days; hopefully soon the Animal Care Team will be able to return these guys to the convalescence pool.

Flotsam, Jetsam and Little Ed now have been joined by Bambi, Belle and Rhubarb. Flotsam and Jetsam are scared of the new arrivals and are keeping to the other end of the pool. Both are trying to be brave and getting closer to the pups, but are still not confident. Little Ed seems not to have noticed and is still doing hand stands. Bambi, Belle and Rhubarb are having a great time causing chaos, when Flot and Jet get too close to them, the pups chase them - they think it is great fun.

Flipper and Yulelog have gone back to their training this week, and all doing very well. Both impressed the visitors with their dive bombing and rolling off the side of the pool into the water. Flipper and Logs were treated to a feed ball this week.

Rocky is being very attentive this week, the training, by the Animal Care Team, to get him to go into a cage is going really well.

Carus was treated to a clean pool this week, but was being very naughty and made things ten times difficult for the team. Carus has had his feed increase again, as he is still snacking on his enclosure (now he knows he gets more fish if he eats his home).

Thai and Bamboo, after being told of the forthcoming weather, have spent most of their time battening down the hatches against the strong winds. When they did venture outside, the Animal Care Team had treated them to some new sands (we donít think the otters were as impressed as the Animal Care Team).

The goats have been having lots of walks this week, as part of their new keep fit, keep healthy plan. Elvis is under the weather again and has been given some multi vitamins and a course of antibiotics. All have been given a healthy treat of brambles.

All the ponies had a through grooming this week, and Bracken was so pleased with it that he went and rolled in the dust and dirt straight after.

Reef, our cat, has moved house (shed) and is now sleeping in the pony store shed.


Convalescence Pool
All the pups are doing well and create a tidal wave of water swimming up and down the convalescence pool, at great speed. This unfortunately wakes up poor old Magnus, who thinks its feeding time. The Animal Care Team also went in their with the cage and scales this week, pups Roo, Ronnie, Magnet, Pebbles and Daisy have all reached 40 kilos and should be released once we get some nice weather. Woody and Yogi have now been moved into the convalescence pool, as they kept stealing all the fish from Nemo and Mowgli.

Nursery Pool
Nemo and Mowgli have now only got competition from themselves, as they are the only two seals in nursery 2 at present.

Common Seals Pool
Bambi, Belle and Rhubarb are in with the Common Seals for the moment. They all seem to be enjoying the new bigger pool.

Hospital - main area
Chip is off to the vets next week to have her wire removed from her jaw. Plutoís eyes are improving and he is also very hungry and extremely noisy. Arialís wounds have healed and she is now in water, doing well and feeding well. Olive, the most evil seal of all time, is now off eye treatment (the Animal Care Team are pleased to hear that!) and should soon be having a second worming tablet before she is moved outside.

Hospital - Isolation
Flik breathing is ok but is still a very sleepy seal pup. Smurf is now self feeding and wounds continue to be treated and cleaned. Eve has now been moved back up to the hospital, as she has quite a nasty eye infection. The Animal Care Team moved her back so they can treat the eye in a dry pen; this makes the medication more affective, and should heal much quicker.

Did you know that.....All our pups are up for adoption. Please check out our adoption page for more information.

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