Update 19th January 2006

Magnus has been very hungry this week; he has been waiting at the gate to be first in line for fish. On Thursday Tamara got a soaking from Magnus as he demanded that more fish be given to him.

Fatima is doing lots of lazing around this week, and is also going through a fasting phase.

Sheba is spending a lot of time on the side of the pool. She has also started to miss a feed, but makes up for it at the next one!

Lizzie, although blind, can be found looking at the space where the animal care team park the van for feeding times, looking very hungry with her tongue hanging out.

Anneka has been very naughty this week. When the animal care team have been cleaning the pool, she has been pretending to be asleep on her back, as the team go by she sneakily opens one eye, wakes up and tries to bite the animal care team. Anneka has also been pinning the pups in the convalescent pool and taking the fish out of their mouths, we are just waiting for the pups to fight back.

Snoopy has been doing lots of moaning this week (no surprise there!), but this week it has been changed slightly, as she has been sticking her head in the water and has been blowing bubbles while moaning.

Atlanta and Marlin have both been very good this week and been coming out on to the side of the pool to receive their thyroid treatment.

Ray and Magnus have been having words this week. Ray has been fussing around Magnus, Magnus not very happy at having his sleep interrupted, turned round and growled at Ray. This shocked Ray, who jumped back and fell in the pool; unfortunately the pool was being cleaned at the time and was empty. Ray was unfazed by this experience, and picked him self up and waddled off. The animal care team checked Ray over and he has sustained no injuries from the fall.

Both Flotsam and Jetsam have become stars once again this week and have appeared in Mammal’s UK magazine with Claire from the Animal Care Team.

Yulelog and Flipper have been fighting again this week, so their target training has been adapted so the animal care team can check for any wounds.

Rocky has been very hungry this week so the animal care team has increased his fish. Pepper has been having lots of fun playing with her feed ball.

Carus has been treated this week to conger eel and has also been given a feed ball to keep him active. Dips is coming on really well with her training and we can now take her out the gate and close the door behind her.

Both Thai and Bamboo have been very good and they’re training going very well. Which makes the animal care team suspicious about what they are up too and what they arc planning.

Bracken, Tuppence and Muffin - all of them are finally losing their summer bellies, this is because they have eaten all the grass and only have their hay left.

Elvis, Churchill, Monty, Priscilla. - Elvis has been playing in the fresh hay that was delivered, and ended up with baling twine around his horns, with a look on his face to say ‘What, it wasn’t me’.


Amber received clear bloods this week and so was taken off treatment. She has made a speedy recovery and has been moved down to the nursery pools.

Spingo still has a respiratory infection, he has finished a second course of antibiotics and a third course has been started. He is doing ok apart from the infection, so another swab has been taken to hopefully diagnose the infection, so it can be treated.

Guvnor has been moved through to the main hospital, his wounds have all but healed, but he has an infection in his chest, which he is under going treatment for. He has learnt to feed himself but is passing feathers.

Josh arrived on Monday 16th of January 2006 from Porth Gwidden at St Ives. He weighed 23kg and was 10 weeks old. Josh was covered in oil, had puncture wounds to body, an ulcer to his eye and worms. The oil was washed off with fairy liquid, and he was given fluids for the first 24 hours before being moved onto fish. Josh is on a course of antibiotics, eye drops for his ulcer and vitamins and iron tablets.

Spingo - Photo was taken by Rachael VineGuvnor - Photo was taken by Rachael VineJosh - Photo was taken by Rachael Vine

Storm is only receiving treatment for his bad eye, but this is healing quickly, and he is fit and healthy in every other way.

Tanglefoot wounds are healing well, and he has started feeding by himself.

Ginger arrived on Saturday 14th of January 2006 and was rescued from Porthtowan by the RSPCA. Ginger was only 2 days old when she was rescued. She weighed only 12 kilos and was very thin; she also had grazes to her front flippers. Ginger is receiving milk that is being tube fed to her every 4 hours. Ginger still has a white coat, and will do for the next 2 weeks.

Storm - Photo was taken by Rachael VineTanglefoot - Photo was taken by Rachael VineGinger - Photo was taken by Rachael Vine

Sting was rescued on the 17th of January 2006 from Gwithian. He had wounds to his flippers and a respiratory infection. He is very sleepy, receiving treatment for his wounds and infection and has been introduced to fish.

Mite, Skinner, Thatcher and Pumpkin - All of these pups were due to be released on the 20th of January 2006, unfortunately due to rough seas and bad weather, it has now been cancelled. Hopefully the weather will be better for next week. Mite is wearing hat tag number 02, Skinner is wearing hat tag number 04 and Thatcher is wearing hat tag number 03.

Guinness, Vixen, Spike and Quinn have been moved to nursery pool 1, and are all ready for hat tagging this week. All are just below 40 kilos and nearly ready to be released.

Skiff has been moved in to the convalescence pool to continue the third stage of rehabilitation.

Blonde, Tusker, Ouiga, Casper, Bess, Slip, Shambles, Casper, Ghost, Skiff, Humbug and Scrumpy are all continuing to do well in the convalescence pool, and feeding really well. Shambles is still sporting a green coat, from when she came in.

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