Update 18th November 2007
our resident grey seals Magnus (aka Freddie) has been very busy this week and been on two adventures. One was to the bottom end of the pool near the haul out area, and the other adventure was to the sleep on the steps on the other side of the convalescent pool.

Fatima (aka Daphne) is still not receiving any attention from Magnus, and so is now trying to get attention from the Animal Care Team, she is even coming to Ray and Marlin's name when the pill fish are issued.
Anneka has been staring at the Animal Care Team when they come to feed the pups, as the team have to hide behind a wall, and this does look odd. She has also been hiding from one member of the Animal Care Team in particular when it is time for the pill fish.

Sheba (aka Thelma) has been receiving lots of attention from Marlin including lots of hugs.

Lizzie has become a bit of a star this week as we have been doing some filming at the sanctuary.

Snoopy - As the pups in the hospital were moved to the nursery pools last week, Snoopy is unfortunately now just down to the one nursery pool, and has not stopped moaning and complaining about the situation all week.
our resident grey seals Ray (aka Scooby Doo) has been very quiet this week, not even bothering to play with the hose during cleaning time.

Marlin (aka Shaggy) is spending lots of time with Sheba keeping a close flipper on her.

Attie has also been quiet but spending lots of time in the company of her raft.
Sija is coming on really well at the sanctuary, with lots of splashing at feeding time, and will even chase after the fish. Training is also going well with Sija will come straight out the pool. Luna continues to go on and off her food.

Flipper and Yulelogs are doing really well at training, and Logs is not as nervous now, but he is getting a little lazy in the afternoon.

Rocky has had his feed up to 4 kilos and was this week treated to some squid which I don't think actually touched the sides on the way down. Boadi has been a little slow at feeding time, so the Animal Care Team have cut back her fish. Carus is always hungry, and is now teasing Boadi has he has more fish then here.

A little bit of drama this week. A piece of rubbish managed to find it way in to Mika and Chaff's pool so the Animal Care Team used a broom and squeegee to remove it, unfortunately Chaff took the squeegee and we then had to go and get some fish to swap for the squeegee, Mika just looked on as if she didn't really care what was happening.
Thai and Bamboo - After five years, Thai has finally managed to work out how to get out of the enclosure. Anyone who has visited Otter Creek knows that they like to climb the fence, and normally we take no interest. When Thai tried this the other day she managed to get her little paws on to the hang over and climb up, lucky for us she couldn't get a secure footing and was then distracted by food. Our site team have now managed to fix the problem so there should be no more escapes now from the otters.

Reef, our cat, has started to spend a lot of time at the hospital, moaning, probably trying to compete with Nessa.
One of our Otters
The goats are going walkies every morning with the team, but seem to be making a little bit of a mess as they go which the Animal Care Team have to clean up after them before the site opens.

Ponies - Tuppence has spent most of the week sitting in the field on his bottom watching the world go by. Muffin is very hungry at the moment and is always first in the queue at breakfast and dinner.
Main hospital
Pen 1 : Nessa has put on 1 kilo of weight and is the new Mina, she likes to shout even louder then Mina.
Pen 2 : Kitto is continuing to put on weight and he is ripping up his fish.
Pen 3 : Digory like Kitto is putting on weight and seems to spend most of his time floating on his back.

Pen 1 : Feena is quiet but still has a temperature and a swollen rear flipper, which will be looked at by the vet later in the week.

Nursery Pool 1
Mina and Hocken are doing really well, Mina better then Hocken sometimes. Mina likes to get her fair share of the fish and will even shout at Hocken until he drops the fish, or she will just steal it from him. Hocken is getting his far share and both are putting on weight.
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