Update 18th September 2004
Sheba still has a poorly eye which has turned out to be an ulcer, she is receiving treatment for it.

Anneka is diving for her food, and all residents in the convalesce pool seem to be hungry all the time.

Magnus is losing what little sight he has, and the Animal Care Team think he may be losing his hearing as well.

Flotsam and Jetsam are still enjoying their target training. They are also enjoying sleeping under the bridge in their pool.

Yulelog is still putting on weight, this has been helped by feeding him conger eel.

Pepper is full of energy at the moment, and has even bitten poor Rocky on the nose, she is also very hungry and has eaten two conger eels this week.

Carus is being very naughty and is not listening to any of the Animal Care Team. Dips is being very good and her training is going well.

Bamboo and Thai are enjoying playing with each other and are both in good health.

The ponies are not enjoying the rain here in Cornwall at the moment and are spending most of their time in the stable. The goats are all healthy and doing well.

Frodo was released on Thursday with the help of Orca Sea Faris from Falmouth. The sea was a bit choppy, and poor frodo got soaked to the skin from the spray, once the cage was open she jumped straight in to the sea and we didnít see her again.

Hat tag number 15, Monty, was spotted at St Martins, this is one of the pups released this year.

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