Update 18th August 2007

Magnus has enjoyed sitting by the drain whilst the Animal Care Team clean out the convalescent pool making it very difficult for team to clean the pool properly without upsetting him.

Fatima has had a lot of time to herself this week because she has hidden herself in her cave for a nice long nap every day away from all the other seals.

Anneka has loved playing with the new toy the Animal Care Team have put in the enclosure, it is made up of a couple of 'Thomas the Tank engine' bouncy balls and a large crate which she has thoroughly enjoyed all week.

Ray has also enjoyed the new toy but most of all, he has loved playing with the Frisbee that is in the pool. He has received many treats this week as the team have placed fish in the Frisbee and set it a float along the pool. Ray has always been the first one to get to the fish!

Atlanta has been very itchy all week and spent most of her time scratching on the side of the pool.

Marlin has been very boisterous and playing the Animal Care Team. He is loving all the attention from the team; they have been holding onto his flippers and pulling him through he water which he absolutely loves and holds out his flippers for them to do it again and again!

Snoopy is relieved that all the pups have now been released and is spending most of her time away from the other seals in the nursery pool for some peace and quiet…at last!

Sheba was treated to some sardines this week but didn't like them and turned her nose up every time she was offered some, so now she is back to eating Mackerel.

Flipper is currently receiving antibiotics for a bite wound caused by Yulelog play fighting. Yulelog is very hungry this week and is fighting for his food.

Flotsam is also very hungry after having his annual moult and is eating most of Jetsam's fish. Jetsam is off his food at the moment as he is about to have his annual moult. Sahara is going through his final stages of rehabilitation, and is really enjoying playing with Flotsam and Jetsam.

Mika is currently on a diet so she is not having as much fish as normal; she has been having lots of fun teasing the visitor's dogs through the acrylic. Chaff has been relaxing out of the water a lot this week, and has been distracted by Rocky when he is being fed.

Rocky has a sore right eye this week and has been put antibiotics. The Animal Care Team have also given him eye drops everyday.

Carus has been put on a strict diet as he is very fat at the moment. Boadicea has now learnt of jump off the rock in her enclosure, and is eating lots and lots.

Thai is being a very cheeky Otter this week; she keeps climbing up the Animal Care Team's trouser legs when they go in to the enclosure. This week Bamboo has enjoyed splashing in the muddy puddles, and is on his best behaviour as always. The team are currently thinking about putting a swing in the enclosure for the Bamboo and Thai of them.

All the ponies have now had their feet trimmed and had a walk this week. Bracken is on a diet as he is too chubby.

All the goats have had a walk this week and have enjoyed munching the lush grass that the wet weather has bought.

Reef, our cat, has been to the vets this week due to an allergic reaction from something he ate and loves the attention from all the team.

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