Update 18th August 2006

Magnus is still sleeping on the side of the pool and being hero worshipped by Ray.

Lizzie can be found lying by Magnus during feeding time; this ensures none of the other seals come near her so she gets more fish.

Sheba is also being hand feed by the Animal Care Team (ACT), and being very gentle when she takes the fish.

Anneka is not very hungry at the moment, but pretending she is. She comes over and takes the fish from the ACT and mashes it up before letting go of it – the seagulls are doing quite well out of this with the mashed fish that gets discarded.

Fatima is very hungry at the moment, enjoying being hand feed by the ACT, and getting extra fish from Anneka.

In continuing Snoopy style, she is very grumpy and continuously moans all day long – keeping the visitors entertained with her singing.

Ray is still hero worshipping Magnus, as Ray thinks he is ‘God’ – but only at feed times.

Marlin is for some reason (only known to Marlin) moulting out of season – the ACT is investigating this.

Attie has put on lots of weight and now looks like a little pin head – small head very very fat body.

Flotsam has a lovely new coat of fur, and Jetsam has started to grow new hair. Both are enjoying the extra fish being thrown by the kids that visit the Sanctuary.

Flipper has small patches of hair falling out, which we are investigating and Yulelog is nearly back up to his normal weight. Both of the boys continue to have extra feeds.

Pepper is moulting like a trooper and has gone off her food, luckily the ACT still manage to give Pepper her pill fish for her arthritis. Rocky is being vocal at the moment (its lovely to hear him sing) but is pestering Pepper for attention.

Carus still has a bit of a poorly eye at the moment and so we have changed his medication, which should clear up an infection.

Both Mika and Chaff are moulting heavily, and Mika is doing really well at training. Chaff is being a good boy and keeping Mika in check when the pool is being cleaned, and keeping her away from the ACT.

With the torrential rain we have had over night on Wednesday, the Otter enclosure flooded, much to the joy of both Bamboo and Thai, who spend all day Thursday playing in the muddy puddles that had been created.

PUPS: We still have three pups with us Fawn and Bogart are enjoying playing together everyday much to the amusement of the visitors. Darwin is a little snotty and so a change of treatment has been given to him, this will hopefully clear it up.

This week has seen all the ponies in a grumpy mood, due to the lack of grass. Hopefully with the rain we have had over the last week, new grass will soon be spring up.

Elvis and Pricilla, our goats, are having a great time at the moment escaping. Every day the pair find a new way to get in to the pony field, even though the ACT check the fencing on a daily basis, this is really beginning to annoy the ponies.

Reef grows in confidence everyday, and will now come up and sniff the ACT hands (we think it is the lure of fish), the ACT have yet to be able to touch him but with more confidence it should be possible soon.

Our new leaflet for 2006 is now available to download from the visitor's information page.

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