Update 18th May 2007

Magnus has been very active this week moving from one side of the pool to the other, and scaring the Animal Care Team during feeding time as they don't know where he is going to pop up. He has also been splashing for more fish, it looks less like splashing and more like, just moving his flippers along the top of the water.

Lizzie is off her food this week, but she is looking a little on the large side. We think she is probably slimming down for the bikini season.

Fatima is for some unknown reason moulting again (this will be the third time this year). Fatima is also not feeling very well, and so we have put her on a course of antibiotics, and this should make her feel better.

Sheba is another one off her food, but she seems to be taking it easy and slowing down over the last few days.

Like Sheba and Fatima, Anneka is also off her food; unfortunately this has not stopped her stealing fish from the pups mouths. Earlier in the week, Anneka and Sheba's appetite did return as there was a stand off between these two over ice blocks, the Animal Care Team had made for the Convalescence Pool.

Snoopy is still put out to the fact that there is still no herring and is still having to make do with the mackerel, which she is getting used to slowly.

Ray has been his usual non-observant self this week, and was completely oblivious to all the training that was taking place.

Marlin is off his fish at the moment, but the pups are defiantly taking full advantage of this.

Attie is another resident which is also saying 'No Thank You' to the fish on offer. Attie can be found on the side of the pool in the afternoon normally stroking the pups with her flipper.

Sahara has this week found his hungry belly and has even been stealing fish off Flotsam and Jetsam. They were also joined this week by Coral who seemed unfazed by the larger seals in this pool.

Flipper is still suffering from a poorly eye, which Logs is taking full advantage of by hoovering up any fish that Flipper's misses.

Rocky is still at the moment in the nursery pool, but shouldn't be too long before he is back in his new pool, still a few more little jobs to do. He has also started doing little barks before he goes to bed. Rocky was also treated to a sheet of frozen sprats, which he carried around in his mouth like a dog bowl, while waiting for it to defrost.

Boadi has been out on the side of the pool during feeding time doing some training. The Animal Care Team also treated Carus and Boadi to a frozen sheet of sprats. Boadi was unsure of this and what to do, which gave Carus his window of opportunity and gobbled the whole thing up.

Mika and Chaff were given a frisbee this week, which Chaff caught and through it back at the Animal Care Team who at this point were standing outside the enclosure, and also received a soaking from the frisbee.

Thai and Bamboo both have been in training this week for their trip to the vets. The vet trip took place on Thursday afternoon, and both were perfectly behaved. They will both spent the next few days recovering.

The goats have been put for a walk this week, and having been trying very hard to avoid the site team, as they complain about the mess they make.

Ponies: The new fencing is working wonderfully well, so much so, that Bracken broke out on Sunday, its back to the drawing board on how to keep the ponies in.

Reef, our cat, unlike our seals at the moment is very hungry, and was this week even more upset when he found that the ponies had broke his food bowl. So we had to buy a new one, which is a nice shiny metal bowl, which hopefully the ponies will be unable to break.


Tiger Lilly practising for the next series of X Factor and can be found singing all day long in the Convalescence Pool.

Olive is spending lots of time on the side of the pool, and is still not putting on weight, and so we have started her on a course of treatment, which should hopefully see an increase in weight over the next few days.

It is my sad duty to inform you that on Thursday we lost Coral. After doing so well in the hospital she was ready to be moved outside to the Common Pool, which we did on Monday. By Thursday apart from being quite a bright seal, she had lost weight over the last few days, and we decided to take her back to the hospital and give her fluids unfortunately before we could get the drip it, Coral passed away. This came as a shock as she was doing very well eating for herself. Coral will have a postmortem to determine what exactly the cause of death was.

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