Sanctuary's Latest News Update 18th April 2008
Magnus (right) has been on holiday again this week to …the steps (don't want to go too far), it was only a short break and he has now back in his corner.   Fatima has been spending lots of time swimming around the pool, mainly being followed by the pups. Lizzie has become a star at the convalescent pool talks with the Animal Care Team, as it is normally Ray and Marlin who gets mentioned. Anneka has been quiet this week, so that means she must be planning something…watch this space… Magnus
Sheba must have been watching Snoopy over the last few weeks as now Snoopy has competition at feeding time. Sheba has been spending lots of time on the side and less in the pool swimming. Snoopy has now been joined at the convalescent pool gate by Sheba. Which Snoopy is really please about and enjoying the company from Snoopy can add another thing to her list to moan about, Sheba being too close and trying to nick her fish.   Ray is spending time sleeping on the side and time by himself.   Marlin has a nice new coat and doing lots of swimming on his back. Attie is doing lots of swimming and is very bright and active.
Flipper and Yulelogs both are doing well with training and have been tolerant of each other.

Luna is getting bigger as the weeks pass, and is not very active. Sija still likes to hurtle up and down the pool, making the waves splash all over the side.
Boadi on Carus' rock Rocky is eating small fish and squid (which he is really enjoying, as Sahara doesn't get any of his special diet). Sahara is still looking a little round for all Rocky's extra fish, but lots of swimming will soon trim him down.

Congratulations to Boadi (left) who will now jump off the rock, after weeks of training, she has finally got the courage to do it, so Well Done her.

Chaff is still doing ok, with no loss in his appetite, it is doing lots of swimming and we are keeping him busy.
Otters - Bamboo had another small fit we think last week but was back to his normal self a few hours later. He has gone a little off his chicken, but is still eating fish and beef.

Goats still enjoying the strolls around the Sanctuary with the Animal Care Team. All the ponies are munching through the grass and seem to also enjoying some of the attention from our visitors.

Reef (our cat) likes to spend his days sleeping under the release trailer at the top of the paddocks waiting for the visitors to leave, and then he has the run of the whole place to himself.
This season's rescued seal pups

All the pups are doing ok and putting on weight; now the pups in the convalescent pool have been joined by Piran and Pedrek is back in nursery pool 2 with Sebastian. Simbad (nursery pool 1) is a new arrival from the RSPCA, he is on the small side so has a lot of feeding up to do. Sebastian (right) and Pedrek both in nursery pool 2 have ear infections and are receiving treatment. This is a reoccurring problem with Seb but will hopefully clear up.
Tegan Cubert in hospital pen 3 has still got a little bit of blood in his urine and likes to have a drink from the hose, but is always hungry and likes to check his bowl regularly just in case we have sneaked a few fish in without him seeing.

Tegan (left) is back in the hospital (pen 4) with a poorly eye. On Wednesday during the afternoon's feeding in the convalescent pool there was a fight between a seagull and the heron. Unfortunately, Tegan came up between the middle of them and the heron got her just above her eye. So as a precaution she has been moved back to the main hospital, here we will keep her dry until her eye is better.
NEW ARRIVAL: WHAT?? I hear you cry...Yes we have a new pup in hospital isolation 2.

On Wednesday (16th April 2008) we received calls about a seal pup on the beach at St Ives but while on the phone to the Sanctuary the pup went back in to the water. A few hours later we received another call about a pup at Porthmeor also in St Ives. This turned out to be the same pup, so Clare headed out with the cage and kit, hoping to relocate it to another beach that didn't have as many people.
Upon Clare's arrival the pup was found to be dehydrated and wounds to its body, so she gave it fluids on the beach and brought it back to the Sanctuary. The pup was weighed and found to be 23 kilos and was put in to isolation 2. The pup's wounds were cleaned and treated and it was given antibiotics, vitamins and iron. The pup is a little girl and has been called Tamsyn.
Help Us to Help Them.....Each pup can cost up to £1,000 to rehabilitate, if you would like to adopt a pup
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