Update 18th February 2005

Due to having his own bucket of fish twice a day, Magnus is putting on weight and has had a new lease of life! He was also the only seal to receive a Valentine’s card through the post!!

Fatima, Sheba, Atlanta, Ray, Marlin and Lizzie are all feeding well and have been enjoying the afternoon sun on the side of the pool.

Snoopy has been off her food this week and seemed lethargic. The vet was called and the animal care team caught her up to allow her to be examined. She behaved perfectly whilst the vet had a listen to her chest, took a blood sample and administered antibiotics and a multivitamin injection. The animal care team also took the opportunity to clip Snoopy’s long claws. With a full MOT, and a rest in one of the nursery pools, Snoopy is beginning to look a little better and has started to feed again.

This week Flotsam and Jetsam are learning a new training technique, opening their mouths on command! This allows the animal care team to check the seals’ teeth and mouth.

Flipper and Yulelogs are both feeding and training well. Flipper is sometimes a little too keen to impress, predicting the animal care team’s next move.

Pepper is very hungry this week but managing to maintain her body weight! To stop her jumping into her bucket of fish, the animal care team have reverted to their old dirty tricks – chopping her fish in half to make her think she’s getting more than she is!

Carus and Dipsy look like they may be starting another breeding season. The animal care team have been watching them closely and have been noticing Carus getting more attentive towards Dips especially after feeding time.

The otter's pump has had to be weighted down to the bottom of the pool to stop the unruly and persistent Thai and Bamboo from up rooting it! Both otters have been very busy in the meantime trying to destroy the animal care teams’ attempts. The animal care team have also had to erect a toad fence around the otter pool to stop the annual migration of toads to breed.

Bracken and Tuppence have enjoyed a good groom this week to get rid of all the winter dirt. The goats have been munching their way through lots of brambles this week as well as enjoying the extra attention from the extra visitors during half term.


Due to the rough weather, the animal care team have been unable to do any releases this week but Taff, Wriggle, Frome, Cale, Esk, Eden and Red are all ready for release and are hoped will be released in the next two weeks.

Hope, Claw, Kenn, Ribble, Dart, Lew and Camel all remain in the convalescent and are all feeding well and putting on weight.

Dee, Teign and Brant have now been joined by Clifford and Wiske in nursery pool four. After a slow start, both Wiske and Clifford are holding their own and feeding well.

Breezie, Dagger, Smokey, Ermine, Bubbles and Clyde have now been joined by three more seals from RSPCA West Hatch; There names are Dinky, Hoompah and Winter.

Bubbles has had to go back on antibiotics as he has been suffering again with an infected jaw. He is feeding well so is receiving medication twice a day in his fish, which will hopefully resolve the problem.

Don’s wound has now been checked by the vet. He is happy with his progress but wanted Don to remain on treatment for one more week to ensure the infection has been resolved. He is now in water and feeding well.

Lune’s blood results have now come back clear and the animal care team will be moving him down to the pools shortly.

Tees wounds have healed quickly and he is now just being treated for a respiratory infection before being moved down to the pools.

Taw’s x-rays have now been returned and have revealed that he is suffering from bronchial pneumonia. The specialists have also concluded that some type of trauma may have caused the growth between his shoulder blades. Further tests are being considered. He is receiving all the correct treatment and appears to be getting a little better.

Dinky was rescued from Wexford in Ireland on the 29th of November 2004 by the Irish Seal Sanctuary. Hoompah was rescued on the 23rd of November 2004 from Wicklow in Ireland, also by the Irish Seal Sanctuary. Dinky and Hoompah were transferred to RSPCA West Hatch in December 2004 and finally transferred to Gweek on the 16th of February 2005 for their final stages of rehabilitation. Winter was rescued from Porthtowan on the 29th of December 2004 by the RSPCA. Unfortunately, the seal sanctuary's hospital was full at the time of her rescue so she was rehabilitated by RSPCA West Hatch. All three seals are close to release weight and all have now recovered from seal pox. On arrival all three seals were flipper tagged and wormed ready for release.

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