Update 17th November 2006

Magnus is still in the nursery pool, but he is feeling a lot better now. He has put on lots of weight and is quite big now. He is doing lots of swimming and feeding well, he is also now waiting for fish. Magnus was also joined this week by a new face in his pool. Little Narla had squeezed through the gate to visit him.

Lizzie is pretending to be a taxi and can be found most days carrying Atlanta around on her back in the pool.

Anneka has been flirting with Ray, but Ray decided he did not like all this attention and gave Anneka a quick nip to tell her to go away.

Sheba is still playing happy seals with Ray, and is refusing to eat sardines, she will only eat mackerel.

Fatima and Atlanta are both really missing Magnus and can be found camped out at gate of Nursery pool 2, keeping Magnus company.

Snoopy this morning had a few cross words with Attie, and Attie came out worse off. The reason behind these cross words? Attie got to close to Snoopy on the side of the pool. Marlin has decided he a likes Attie more than Sheba, and they are now holding flippers.

Flotsam, Jetsam and Little Ed have all gone off the sardine this week especially Little Ed. The reason for this is that in the week Little Ed went overboard on the fish, after Flotsam and Jetsam did not want dinner, Little Ed gobbled them all up, which made him sick, but he is all recovered now. Flotsam is growing bigger, and has taken to slapping his belly at the moment showing us how proud he is of his tummy.

Yulelog and Flipper have both had lots of fun chasing the sea gulls this week. Flipper is also being sneaky to get out of his training. He comes out of the pool on command but when asked to do a task, he gets a scared look on his face and heads back into the pool. This then means the Animal Care Team (ACT) have to throw a fish to him to get Flipper out of the pool, when he comes out of the pool again, he does exactly the same again.

Rocky and Pepper are in love again this week, and Pepper is back to eating whole mackerel but is now refusing to eat spates. Rocky is very hungry and trying to steal fish off Pepper; he is barking a little and doing lots of synchronised swimming with Pepper.

Carus is having a great time playing with the leaves in his pool. He is missing the crowds of people that have visited over the summer, and so is very happy when the small amount of people that visit us at this time of the year stop at his pool during feeding time. Carus does lots of huffing and puffing, when the people walk off, and also when the ACT do not give him extra fish.

Mika has had her fish intake upped, as she is very hungry. This has which has upset Chaff and has been trying to steal fish from Mika all week.

With the high winds this week, the leaves have started to fall quite heavily off the trees which has blocked the filter to the waterfall, but Thai and Bamboo have really enjoyed playing in the shallows. Thai and Bamboo were treated to some mackerel heads, and have also been really lazy otters this week. When the ACT have gone down to open up and give them breakfast, both otters were still in bed and on some days not surfaced until 10am!

Due to the heavy rain, our ponies have had a problem with wet hooves. So the ACT having been pampering them this week, to keep their feet dry (we have yet to find Wellington boots that fit our ponies).

The goats have been treated like Lords and Ladies plus a King (Elvis) this week, with our volunteers pampering them every day.

Reef, our cat, has finally been given his flea treatment and can now be picked up, and doesn’t run off. Reef has also been a bit sneaky this week. The ACT had stored the afternoon’s fish for the feeds in one of the bus shelters on site. Reef watching and waiting in the wings, was ready to pounce as soon as they left the buckets unattended. When the coast was clear, Reef was in there like a shot. Later in the afternoon the ACT returned to find Mika’s fish bucket empty and a very fat cat sitting by the buckets rubbing his belly.


Convalescence Pool
Magnet and Pebbles were this week moved into the convalescence pool, and have been straight into the pool catching fish at feeding time. These guys are the terrible two, and have to be kept a close eye on. Simba is now out of the cave at feeding time and in the pool. Mutley is getting very fat and doing well.

Koko has turned out to be a wimp and not an adventuress seal. Koko will wait until the convalescence pool is filled right up to the top before getting in. We tried to encourage her into the pool whilst it was filling up, but she just headed straight for the steps and climbed back out.

Nursery Pool
Gnasher is still not feeding in the nursery pool. Ronnie has finally learned to feed herself and is looking at the fish and not the ACT. Tamara on the other hand was not happy when Ronnie decided to rip her new waterproofs – nothing last for long when pups are getting better. Daisy had clear bloods this week and was moved down to the nursery pool. A little daunting for her and she hide in the cave, by the time the afternoon feed had arrived, she was in the pool and feeding well. With more confidence, we are sure she will be singing her little lungs out – at least the hospital is now quiet. Penfold also headed out this week, and has been eating all the fish in the nursery pool and is putting on weight very fast.

For anybody who noticed last week’s update on Spongebob was a little incorrect (it was a test to check people were watching). Spongebob did have an infection in his ear, but we did not treat it with eye drops, as we suggested, in fact we used ear drops (much to Spongebob's relief). What we meant to say was he had both an ear and eye infection which luckily has now cleared up with treatment (we hope that makes sense although Spongebob looks confused!).

Spongebob in the hospital - photo was taken on 17th November 2006 by Rachael VineDaisy playing with the hose - photo was taken by Rachael Vine Penfold in the hospital - photo was taken by Rachael Vine
SpongebobDaisy Penfold

Dory has been moved through to the main hospital, her eye is slowly starting to open and wounds are continuing to heal and she is now being force fed fish.

Pilchard is also in the main hospital; he is still a little wheezy with a cough, but is eating fish, and has been given a bucket of water to play with.

Mowgli still on multi milk but will move on to fish soup beginning of next week. He had a little bit of an upset tummy this week which we treated with some anti-acids, and is now much better. Mowgli is still got the white coat, and like to shout and remind the ACT it is feeding time.

Dory in main hospital - photo was taken on 17th November 2006 by Rachael Vine Pilchard in the hospital - photo was taken on 17th November 2006 by Rachael VineMowgli in the hospital - photo was taken on 17th November 2006 by Rachael Vine
DoryPilchard Mowgli

Pup Number Seventeen - The Sanctuary was called earlier this morning (Friday 17th November 2006) about a pup that was on a beach at Polurrian Cove near Mullion. The pup was described as a little white coat pup, that was making a lot of noise. Abi, a member of the ACT, headed out to Mullion to investigate the pup. When Abi arrived the tide was on the way in, and so after assessing the situation, she decided that if the mum was nearby to give the pup a chance, she would leave it where it was and monitor. After a few hours and no sign of mum, with the tide coming in fast, we made the decision to bring the seal back to Gweek.

On arriving back at the Sanctuary, the pup was put into isolation 1 and a clinical assessment was given. This pup weighed only 11.5 kilos and still had umbilici. It also may have a possible scratch to the eye. The pup is around 4 days old and still has the white coat. It will be given fluids for the first 24 hours and will then move on to multi milk, this milk has a high fat content, and will help the pup put on weight quickly. The pup is a little girl and so we have called her Eve, this is because when Abi went to check what sex it was on the beach, she had to remove a little leaf from her bottom.

Photo of Eve was taken on 17th November 2006 by Rachael Vine Photo of Eve was taken on 17th November 2006 by Rachael Vine
Did you know that.....All our pups are up for adoption. Please check out our adoption page for more information.

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