Update 17th March 2006

Magnus has nearly finished his moult, and had his picture taken this week for a wildlife magazine.

Sheba has finished her moult and is still chasing the pups.

Lizzie is also sporting a go-faster stripe.

Anneka is half way through her moult and very hungry, she is also bobbing out the pool with her very long neck when ever a car goes by thinking itís the fish van.

Fatima is also very hungry this week.

Snoopy is very grumpy, and is taking a long time to moult.

Atlanta has trimmed down and is also growing hair and looking very pretty.

Ray still has a little fuzzy head, and his thyroid treatment seems to be working now he has slimed down.

Marlin has not started moulting yet.

Flotsam and Jetsam have had frozen sheets of sprats this week and are really enjoying them.

Logs has now finished his moult and both are doing well with their training.

Pepper is beginning to lose her eye sight so the Animal Care Team are having to use more vocal commands, and are feeding her on the side of the pool more. Rocky is taking advantage of this and eating any leftover fish.

Carus has started target training in between feeds to keep him busy.

Thai has been having fun with a toad who got into their enclosure, by taking it to the top of the waterfall and chasing it down again. Bamboo on the other hand has been busy building a nest in their holt, he can be found walking around, picking up sticks putting them in his mouth to take them back to the holt.

Bracken, Tuppence and Muffin have all been treated to a walk around site this week. Also the grass is getting a little thin in their field so they are putting their heads through the fence to get at the lush green grass.

Elvis, Priscilla, Monty and Churchill have had some midnight visits from the badgers, who are taking to ripping up their field.


Pacific arrived on Saturday from Guernsey for some rehabilitation, after sending four days in the hospital she was moved outside to nursery pool 4.

Boggie was also moved out this week to join Pacific and Ginger in nursery 4.

Stoggs is still suffering from a bad eye and will remain in the hospital for bit longer.

Ginger has still not got to grips with being able to catch her own fish so the Animal Care Team are back to force feeding her. Hopefully with the other two pups in the pool, she will learn to feed for her self very quickly.

Carrot, Oujia, Hobson and Tusker have been moved in to nursery pool 1 ready for some nice weather so they can be released.

All pups in convalescence pool continue to do well.

Our new leaflet for 2006 is now available to download from the visitor's information page.

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