Update - 16th July 2004
Clover and Dock were released today with the help of Orca Seafaris, just off Falmouth. Dock was first to go and when he finally did go, he swam round the boat for some time before he disappeared. Clover was not happy about going, the swell was quite high, so Clover waited until the cage was nearly touching the water before she would go in. Once in the water, she circled the boat a couple of times then decided to try and get back on board, thankfully with no luck. Captain Keith will be keeping a close eye out for the pups in the future.

The new pool is nearly complete, just last few touches so that it will be all ready for some of the residents to go back in, bet they can't wait.

Frodo has been moved in with Charlie now, and seems to be eating. Flotsam and Jetsam wonder what is going on with seals arriving and departing from their enclosure. With the arrival of Frodo in the common's pool, target training had to be put on hold. Now Frodo has gone, the commons have been really eager to start their training and have been very enthusiastic. Dippity had an eye problem at the beginning of week, but it now seems to be clearing up.

One of the releases this year Neil, has been spotted off Lundy Island, so thatís good news and we know the hats are working well.

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