Sanctuary's Latest News Update 16th May 2008
Magnus has been very active this week moving around the pool alot and because he is moulting, he is doing lots of splashing to get rid of the old fur. Now we have some very tasty fish, Fatima is very hungry. Lizzie is being very friendly with the pups and spending lots of time swimming on her back up and down the pool. Sheba is doing well eating lots of fish, and loving the fact we have lots of visitors. Anneka (right) is feeding well, and just keeping herself to herself. Snoopy is at the moment still guarding the gate, but is very grumpy, hungry and a little scratchy. Anneka
Ray is enjoying the sunshine, and swimming on his back. Ray and Marlin are back to being best friends. Marlin is enjoying having his best friend back at his side and they can be found lying on the side of the pool together. Attie is eating lots of fish, and spending lots of time with the pups before they are released back into the wild. Attie is also the only one who is coming over to the Animal Care Team for her pill fish.

Training is not progressing very well, as Flipper still refuses to go completely into the transport cage, as he gets scared by Yulelogs. Logs is doing a lot of scratching so his mood has not improved.
Sija Luna and Sija (left) are very hungry at the moment and enjoying lots of sprats at feeding time. Luna is glowing and we should expect the pitter patter of little flippers very soon.

Rocky is enjoying the fact he has the pool back to himself, and spends lots of time swimming and showing off to our visitors.

Another happy resident Sahara is back in nursery pool 2, away from big bully Rocky, but happy to be seeing visitors underwater.
Boadi is getting lots of exercise this week and racing around her pool, this means the sea gulls have no chance of stealing her fish.

Chaff's training continues to improve, and has been doing lots of swimming this week. Middle of the week he had some company from the Animal Care Team when they cleaned his pool, this went ahead with no problems.

Thai and Bamboo have had a new game put in their enclosure, which seem to delight them as there was a whole lot of squeaking. A revamp was also on the plan this week with new plants, now all have been shredded and used for bedding.

Goats and Stanley (below) - Elvis has been attending evening classes run by Professor 'Bracken', Elvis came top of the class in his exams as he successfully broke out of his paddock into the walkway between the fields. Next week's lesson is breaking out and getting down on site. Priscilla, fed up of being picked on by all the other goats, has now moved up a rung and is picking on Stanley. Stanley is a lot cooler this week as on Saturday (10th May) he had his coat removed by Michael, he is looking very handsome now. Stanley has also been taken on a walk and met some of our other residents including a trip to Otter Creek. Just click on the photo of your choice below to see a larger version of Stanley being sheared by Michael.
Michael sets to work - photo was taken by Rachael A little lighter, photo was taken by Rachael All Done! photo was taken by Rachael Handsome Boy! - photo was taken by Rachael
Ponies - Prof. 'Bracken' getting ready for one of his evening classes did a lot of preparation this week, and all three ponies broke out the field, unfortunately it was Dan on night feeds that evening a 15 minute job to feed April became an hour and half chasing ponies (no Bennie Hill music in the background).

Reef, our cat, has been keeping a low profile this week, and has not been seen by many of us.
This season's rescued seal pups (2007/08)

Sinbad, Samson (right,), Risk and Tegan are in nursery pool 1. Tegan is now out of the hospital and coping very well with her eye, she has no problems with catching the fish, so luckily her rehabilitation has not been affected.

Convalescent pool - We did not weigh any of the rescued seal pups this week so league table will stay the same, all are pilling on the weight and the amount of fish at feeding time has been increased.
Cubert was finally moved down to the nursery pool 2, unfortunately we forgot to close the gate at the other end and he swam through the water and straight into the convalescent pool, where we had no hope of catching him again. Cubert is doing well in the convalescent pool, he has a lot more confident, and lots to get more then his fair share at feeding time. He also likes to try and bite the Animal Care Team during the 11am and 2pm talks.

Hospital pen 4 - April is doing ok, and to give her some company and help her learn to feed, we have put her in a pen with Tamsyn. There was a little argument but both seemed to get on well after a bit.

Tamsyn unfortunately passed away this week. Tamsyn had dropped a lot of weight since arriving at the Sanctuary; to find out the reason for this, a postmortem will have to be carried out. So April is back on her own again, moulting heavily, and being force fed her fish, she is also now in water, and seem to enjoy swimming.
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