Update 16th March 2007

Magnus has been moving around the pool a lot more this week, and going for early morning swims. Magnus is also taking a very keen interest in all the ladies in the Convalescence Pool.

Lizzie has nearly finished her moulting, but is still wearing a good faster stripe on her body from the winter fur.

With Fatima being a very unruly seal, and still continuing to steal from the bucket of fish, the Animal Care Team are now back to feeding everyone from outside the Convalescence Pool.

Anneka is a little bit grumpy due to the moulting, that she is even spending time away from her beloved Ray, but at least she is getting some exercise by chasing the Animal Care Team when they come in to the pool.

Sheba has finished moulting and is hanging around Magnus in the hope of extra fish. Sheba is also up setting one of the residents, by taking to sleeping in her corner (have a guess who!)

Snoopy has upped her grumpiness this week, besides all the other things she has to moan about, we can now add three new items to her list. These include Sheba sleeping in her corner, the hose during cleaning time as well as the broom.

Ray, despite his under active thyroid, is now growing a lovely new coat of fur all over his body. Ray is reluctant to get his new coat wet and can be found sunbathing on the side of the pool.

Marlin is being very stealthy this week, and surprising the pups. Marlin will come up from the bottom of the pool just in front of the pups scaring the living daylights out of them, the scared pups head for the side of the pool and try to jump out, meanwhile Marlin follows them and grabs their back flippers in his mouth. Marlin doesn’t bit down, but it does frighten our little pups.

Attie is also being very stealthy this week, by ambushing and chasing pups, and then stealing their fish. It’s good training for when they get returned to the wild.

With Little Ed being returned to Weymouth last week, Flotsam and Jetsam seem to have got over the fact that there is only two Common seals in their pool, but they did have lots of pups to keep them occupied.

Yulelog still refuses to open his mouth during training, and he seems for the moment to be getting away with this. Flipper is being a good boy and is doing everything his is asked by both the Animal Care Team and the volunteers.

Rocky’s pool is continuing to improve on a daily basis (check out the pictures by clicking on the Sea lion Lagoon logo). The Animal Care Team are now starting the training to put Rocky back in his cage, ready for the move back to the new pool.

Carus is being very impatient this week and is waiting by the gate at feeding time for the Animal Care Team, once again the nice sunny weather at the Sanctuary is making our residents very sleeping, as Carus is now enjoying an afternoon nap out on the side of the pool.

Mika and Chaff both have been watching the builders this week, as more concrete arrives for the new pool. Mika has enjoyed playing with her ring, and also the Animal Care Team have been entertaining the fur seals with the hose, as they like to chase the water that sprays out.

This week the Otters had a little bit of re-theming going on for springtime. The Animal Care Team drained and pressure washed their pool, but during this they had to keep the Otters in their holt. There were two main reasons for this, one – Thai and Bamboo would probably end up biting the Animal Care Team, as they had not brought food with them, and two – Thai would have like to help, but the job would have taken twice as long. This meant during the cleaning, there was lots of grunting and squeaking from the holt, as they were kept inside.

All the goats have been off for walkies around site, enjoying the nice lush grass, behind the picnic area. The larger goats Churchill and Monty always seem to be a little more puffed out then the other two.

Steve McQueen reappeared this week on Monday morning, aka Bracken had managed to put his neck through the fence and lift the posts out the ground, due to its sogginess from all the rain over the last few weeks. Once again he had not travelled too far and was found in the summer field that the Animal Care Team had been saving, eating all the grass.

Reef, our cat, visited the Animal Care Team this week to show off his back mark he had running along his head and neck. Thinking that reef had been hiding under the cars, and had managed to cover himself in oil, a bath was defiantly in order. The Animal Care Team should have smelt him first, as the pong was from rabbit droppings. Reef has obviously been sticking his head in places it should not be.


Hospital - Main area
At the beginning of the week, Cyclops was going a little bit nuts on his own, so the Animal Care Team put him in with Cinders, as we were waiting on the second bloods to be clear before moving them both to the outside pool. Bloods came back clear and so on Wednesday both were sent down to the Common Pool. The hospital is now empty, and we hope this is the end to another busy rescue season.

Common Seals Pool
Eve, Olive, Flik, Rimmer and Pluto have now all been moved in to the convalescent pool. Cinders and Cyclops are now in this pool and have a great time with all the extra room. Have also been joined by Tigger from the Convalescence pool.

Convalescence Pool
All the pups are continuing to do well and should have some more pups ready for release over the next few weeks. Tigger has been moved to the Common Pool, his pox is a little worse than some of the others, so a course of antibiotics has been prescribed, to help him feel a little better, and fight the virus.

Release of Pebbles, Dory, Taz, Baloo and Lilo back into the wild on Monday 12th March.
The Animal Care Team did a marine call over the weekend and as the weather and sea conditions were good, we decided to try and release the fattiest seals in the Convalescence Pool.

First in the cage was Pilchard, who despite looking fat was under release weight. Next was Lilo, after being caged, she was weighed and came in at over 40 kilos, so in to the trailer she went. Next was Baloo weighing in at 43 kilos, Dory weighing in at 48 kilos, Taz weighing in at 58 kilos and last but not least Pebbles weighing in at 46 kilos. Once they were all loaded into the trailer, it was a short drive to Porthtowan for releasing.

We arrived at the beach, and with the tide now reaching its max, it was time to say goodbye to these five seals. All came out of the trailer at the same time, and headed to the water, this release couldn’t have gone better, until Taz changed his mind and got back into the trailer. The others tried to encourage him to head down the beach, but he was having none of it. After seeing the other disappearing, and playing in the surf, nothing was going to hold Taz back, and he soon joined the other, in the wide open sea.

All keen to go - photo was taken by Rachael VineFirst Over - photo was taken by Rachael Vine
Taz back into the trailer -  photo was taken by Rachael VineTaz last to go -  photo was taken by Rachael Vine
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