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Issue 39
15th February 2010
Valentine´s Pup Rescue
Pups 46 and 47 arrived at the Sanctuary this week.
The first we received a call on 11th February 2010 from a member of the public at Perranporth to inform us that there was a seal on the beach with a severe netting injury around its neck. Volunteers were despatched to the beach and having found the pup was quickly brought
back to the Sanctuary.

In Isolation pen 1 the pup was weighed and found to be
26 kilos and in a good body condition.
Bagshot wounds just visible under flipper
The net which had managed to get caught around its neck and front flippers was removed, the wound cleaned and a course of antibiotics started, there were also a few minor wounds to its rear flippers.
This pup is a little girl around 12 weeks old and has been called Bagshot.
Update: Bagshot has now been moved in to the main hospital and is a very feisty little pup, despite her injuries.
Gilderoy in isolation Valentine´s Day and another call from a member of the public from Holywell Bay near Newquay. We called out volunteers in the area to do the assessment while we could get the animal care team prepared and on the way.

On the beach the pup was found to have a damaged eye and it was quickly brought back to the Sanctuary.

The pup was brought back to the Sanctuary and put into isolation 2.
This pup is around 4 weeks old and weighing 21 kilos, but is in a good body condition apart from the damage to the left eye which was cleaned and a course of antibiotics and pain relief started.
This pup is a little boy and has been named Gilderoy.
All these pups are still available for adoption.

Pup adoptions start from £25,
click on this link for more information
or email the adoption coordinator at:-
Seal Pup
It can cost up to £1000+ to rescue rehabilitate and release a grey seal pup. Help Us to Help Them.
If you would like to donate now click on this link.

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