Weekly News Update w/e 16th February 2008
Resident Seals and Sea Lions

The girls in the convalescent pool, Fatima and Sheba, are still fighting and hanging around Magnus.

Marlin, Snoopy and Sheba are all moulting and are very itchy.

Atlanta is receiving treatment for her underactive thyroid and is going through her moult, which is progressing well and she is sporting a new furry jumper.

Flipper also going through his moult is also on and off his fish at the moment.

Luna and Sija were pleased to have the pool back to themselves on Thursday only to be joined a few hours later by 4 more RSPCA pups.

Chaff is doing some new training and seems to be going well. Mika and Chaff were also treated to some ice blocks but had a little trouble when they got stuck to their whiskers.

Rocky is still sleeping and basking in the sunshine by the pump room. Sahara was treated to an ice block and really wasn't sure what to do with it. Which does not surprise us, as he has spent most of his life in the warmer climates and does not know about ice and snow.

Boadi is continuing to do well with her training and we are being very patient with her. Her need to follow the Animal Care Team out after feeding time is a little less, so we think the missing of Carus is healing.
This season's rescued seal pups

With the arrival of four new pups from the RSPCA we have had a bit of a move around Dewy and Pedrek are now in nursery pool 2 and Gwithyen was moved in to the Convalescent pool.

Joining the common seals were:-

Torin (male) rescued from Mevagissey on the 2nd January 2008 (orange flipper tag number 62010)
Swoop (female) rescued from Sennen on the 10th January 2008 (orange flipper tag number 62011)
Imogen (female) rescued from Newquay on the 11th January 2008 (orange flipper tag number 62013)
Ludo (male) rescued from Porthgwarra on the 16th January 2008 (orange flipper tag number 62012)

Some pups in the convalescent pool are ready to be released very soon and they are:-

Digory weighing 44.5 kilos
Nessa weighing 40.5 kilos
Fenna weighing 43.5 kilos
Scrabble weighing 42.5 kilos
Jenga weighing 40.5 kilos

Davy is off treatment and is now in water. Jenifer, Tegan and Sebastian have now been moved outside to nursery pool 2. Sebastian is very noisy and will not keep quiet.

All the other pups continue to do well.

Release update Kitto and Mina have both been spotted recently at a local seal haul-out cove with Woody and Pacific.
Kitto - photo was taken by Sue Sayer of the Cornwall Seal Group www.cornwallsealgroup.co.ukMina - photo was taken by Sue Sayer of the Cornwall Seal Group www.cornwallsealgroup.co.ukMina - photo was taken by Sue Sayer of the Cornwall Seal Group www.cornwallsealgroup.co.uk
KittoMina Woody

Bamboo and Thai had a 'Changing Rooms' and were treated to new plants and mossy logs. The polished stones have been a great new addition and can be found diving for them in the pool. The plants have not faired to well and have started to have the shredded look.
Paddock Animals

Goats have been out for lots of walks. Elvis is looking a little unwell, this he does to play on the Animal Care Team and they feel sorry for him and he gets treated to toast and jam, and suddenly a few days later and he is all better.

Ponies spending lots of time eating the grass and the site team fixed their stable as the door was a little wonkey.

Reef (the cat) has been out hunting this week and managed to catch a rabbit as big as him, but he went to adjust the hold he had on it and dropped it.
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