Update 16th February 2007

Magnus has now finished moulting, but Snoopy is still annoyed at feeding time that Magnus is receiving special treatment. Magnus is getting used to her making a noise during feeding time right in his ear.

Fatima is harassing Magnus and also the Animal Care Team by jumping out of the pool, and getting close to the Animal Care Teamís legs, she is also being very pushing, and keeps wanting more fish.

Sheba has nearly finished moulting, but is still left with a brown bottom, where her old fur is. Sheba is also in love, not with Ray but with Marlin.

Anneka is squinting in one of her eyes so the Animal Care Team has prescribed her a course of antibiotics and pain killers.

Ray, having not being distracted by Sheba, has been doing lots of bouncing this week. Unfortunately this has not been too good for the pups in the Convalescence pool, who seem to be getting in the way of Bouncing Ray! Ray when not bouncing has taken an interest in Anneka.

Lizzie and Atlanta are still the best of friends and can be found either lying on the side of the pool together or swimming round the pool.

Snoopy is still annoyed by the attention Magnus is receiving at feeding time, and like to voice her annoyance.

Sheba, Fatima and Anneka are also spending time in the caves, as they are mid-moult.

Marlin is very pleased with himself at the moment, as he has finally bagged Sheba.

Flotsam has started grunting again, but this time it is more of a manly grunt, rather then that little grunt last year. Flotsam, Jetsam and Little Ed are so fat. The commons seem to be enjoying playing with grey seals, but are probably looking forward to having their pool back to themselves.

Flipper and Yulelog have been rowdy this week, and have been chasing the Animal Care Team out of the pool at cleaning time. Flipperís eye has now cleared up and he is off medication.

Rocky is in the nursery pool, as we are still building his brand new pool. He is scaring the residents in the Convalescence pool, by doing lots of barking, as they are not sure where the noises are coming from. Rocky is doing well with his training and is beginning to use both pools for swimming.

Carus has met his match this week in one of our volunteers. As he is quite a tall gentleman (6í6Ē) he towers over Carus at feeding time, in his yellow waterproof coat. We think this has intimidated Carus just a little bit.

Mika and Chaff - With all the noises going on at Rockyís old pool, it has meant that the Fur Seals have being missing out on their afternoon nap. So on Tuesday morning they decided that a lie in was in order. Just before 10am both were up and about in time for their breakfast. They have also been keeping an eye on the builders making sure they do a good job for Rocky.

Love is... Mika and Chaff, This photo was taken by Al Edwards

More rain this week, meant more puddles in the otter enclosure, Thai and Bamboo also seem to have constructed a mud slide.

All the goats have been a little put out this week by the invasion of the ponies in to their paddock. The goats are now sitting by the fence, probably hatching a plan of how to get the ponies out of their field.

Our Ponies - After fixing the fences last week, we thought we had finally secured the pony paddock against break-outs. Unfortunately we were wrong and good old Steve McQueen aka Bracken, broke out twice this week with his accomplice Tuppance. Luckily for the Animal Care Team, it is very easy to find these two, as they like to leave big piles of ...presents, so we know where to find them.

Reef, our cat, has not been fishing on the Estuary this week as it has been a little too wet, so he has been spending time in the pony shed sleeping in the straw.


Convalescence Pool
All the seals are doing well, this week have been joined by Tigger and Chip from the Common seal pool, as they were eating all the fish. Some of the seals are now recovering from seal pox, and we will hopefully be able to release some next week.

Common Seals Pool
Smurf was alone for a few hours after Tigger and Chip were moved across the way, until he was joined by Flik, who hated the new pool and has been trying to find a way to escape. After a few days, she has settled down and is now quite happy in the pool. They have now been joined by Eve, who has finally put on weight, now weighing about 20kilos, hopefully she will continue to put on weight.

Flik - This photo was taken by Al Edwards

Hospital - Main area
Cyclops, in hospital pen 2, had his flipper tagged with number 40, the eye treatment is continuing to be administered, and he can now open is eye on and off, or when he feels like it. Pluto, in hospital pen 3, has finally got confidence in self feeding and should be joining Eve in the common pool next week.

Did you know that.....All our pups are up for adoption. Please check out our adoption page for more information.

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