Update 8th and 15th December 2006

This week we have produced two weeks worth of updates and combined the news. So here goes...

Magnus is feeling back to his old self, and so last week the Animal Care Team (ACT) decided to open his gate to the convalescence pool. Magnus was a little unsure of coming out of the nursery pool, but after an hour or so he seemed to find his flippers, and headed straight for Fatima, we think he was pleased to see her.

Lizzie is quiet but is eating well and can be found in the middle of the pups during feeding time.

Fatima was very pleased to see Magnus and was enjoying all the attention for the first few days. This week Fatima is sulking as Magnus is not paying her any attention.

Last week Sheba was parted from the love of her life, Ray, when he had to have an operation. With Ray still not back in the convalescence pool, Sheba has turned her affections to Magnus, Magnus is having none of it, and is not impressed with being harassed.

Anneka has been spending a lot of time swimming and her infatuation for Ray seems to have stopped. After weeks of not being with her dad Magnus, she was there to greet him at the gate when he came out. Now that Magnus is back in the pool, Snoopy is back to her usual grumpy self, in fact she is even grumpier as Fatima is teasing and harassing her.

Attie is looking beautiful in her nice new silvery coat and she is spending lots of quality time with the pups.

Last week both Ray and Marlin were castrated. Both operations were successful and are now recovering in the nursery pool. Both are having their wounds cleaned three times a day and their pool is being left dry, until they have healed. Ray is eating fine, but Marlin is being a bit fussy over his fish, which you can understand, as he has a little bit of a sore throat from the tube.

Little (big) Ed is still very round and along with Flotsam and Jetsam have been spending a lot of time racing up and down the pool during feeding time, this has given Ed some much needed exercise.

Flipper and Yulelogs have both been well behaved this week apart from a slight incident at the weekend when the ACT treated Flipper to a feed ball. Normally Yulelog is not interested in them but this time decided to take it off of Flipper, which Flipper was just not having and he told Yulelog so.

Rocky has been very hungry this week to the point he has been chasing the ACT when they go into feed him, so they gave him extra fish. Pepper has been spending a lot of time sleeping and doing lots of swimming to help her arthritis after her feeds.

Last we had a school visit us and Carus really enjoyed the extra attention. He was also treated to a feed ball which when the ACT put it up he nearly jumped up on to the ledge with excitement.

Mika has suddenly had a growth spurt and is growing. Mika and Chaff are enjoying playing together but Mika is being naughty at the moment and trying to grab the hose during cleaning.

Thai and Bamboo have not had any "lie-ins" this week, but are being naughty at bed time, as they are going to bed before the ACT have a chance to put their bed box in. They have also been ripping up their plants for no reason, but have really enjoyed the rain, as the puddles have return and Thai can have a mud bath every day.

Our Goats - Elvis is still under the weather, and the ACT are waiting for the test results to come back. Churchill and Monty have spent the week in the shed due to the rain, this has meant that Elvis and Priscilla have become King and Queen of the steps in the goats' paddock.

Our Ponies - Tuppance is being very naughty at tea time, and has to be fed separately as he tries to steal Bracken and Muffin's tea.

Reef, our cat, has a poorly ear at the moment so the ACT are keeping it clean but it is becoming difficult to catch and clean. Reef does like his morning walks and now goes all over site. He is a brave little cat and will even walk through the paddocks close to the ponies.


Convalescence Pool
There are now 14 pups in the Convalescence pool they are Roo, Mutley, Koko, Simba, Magnet, Pebbles, Narla, Daisy, Penfold, Dory, Pilchard, Ronnie, Gnasher and Spongebob: All continue to do well in the convalescence pool. Mutley, Koko and Simba are all now ready at release weight and we are just waiting on calm weather before the ACT release them back into the wild.

Nursery Pool
Boss, Mowgli, Eve and Pugwash: Pugwash was moved out of the hospital and is now in the nursery pool, he was straight into the water. Mowgli and Eve were a little scared and spent the first few days in the cave. These guys weigh only 12 kilos, but being in this pool should encourage them to feed for themselves, but the ACT will keep an eye on them both. On Friday (15th of December 2006) Pudgy and Stitch were moved out of the hospital and down to the pool. Pudgy's eye problems have all cleared up now.

All of Stitchís wounds have healed and joined Pudgy and the others in the nursery pool. All of Lilo's wounds are healing and the swelling is going down. She is self feeding and now weighs 17.5 kilos. Taz lives up to his name and is a very mean seal, he is self feeding and is very snotty. Baloo is being force fed at the moment, but does have some wounds.

Did you know that.....All our pups are up for adoption. Please check out our adoption page for more information.

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