Update 15th September 2006

After spending last week at the end of the pool near the haul out area, on Wednesday Magnus came back to sleep by the gate. He has also been annoyed by Ray this week so Ray is receiving some nips from Magnus.

Lizzie has been spending this week sleeping on the top step with her tongue hanging out.

Fatima is very greedy and has been jumping right out of the pool at feeding time and waiting by the bucket.

Anneka has been hungry and also jumping into the bucket to try and steal the fish.

Now that the breeding season has started, Sheba has been teasing Ray and Marlin. With the release of the last of the pups, the Animal Care Team (ACT) have opened the nursery pools, Sheba was straight in there to greet the new pups, but there were none left.

Ray was weighed along with the other two. Ray was happy(ish) to be put in the cage but was not going to put his flippers down on the cage floor. Ray now weighs 180 kilos (nearly the same as Flipper).

Marlin has also been weighed and he is a little bit lighter than Ray and is 139 kilos.

Attie was also weighed and has put on 20 kilos, bringing her weight now up to 113 kilos.

Both Flotsam and Jetsam now have new coats. Flotsam is still doing lots of grunting and growling as we come to the end of the common seal breeding season. Both have now been joined by the common seal pup from Weymouth ‘E’ Minor who was a little taken back by such big seals, and Flot and Jet wondered what that tiny thing was in their pool. After a few days everyone settled in together.

Now both Flipper and Logs have put on extra weight, the ACT have cut back to just two feeds a day, much to the disappointment of them both. Without the extra feeds, the boys are spending more time sleeping. Flipper likes to sleep by the gate and Yulelog likes to sleep on the side of the pool in the rippling water.

Pepper has gone off mackerel this week, but still likes to eat the sprats; this is taking the ACT at least 3 hours to feed her (maybe a little less time) so the team have had to extend their talk to fit in the extra time it takes to feed her. Rocky was given a treat of conger eel. He has also been missing Pepper when her arthritis gets bad, she goes into the cave, this means that Rocky has been shuffling around the side of the pool barking and trying to find her.

Carus has been keeping an eye on "D Williams the builder" this week, which he has now finished. Carus’s enclosure now has an extra bit added onto it but the bars are only 15inches apart, not big enough for Carus to get through, but well may be for a smaller Sea Lion……!

Mika has been off her food this week making training difficult, but she has managed to find a large pebble from somewhere which she picks off the bottom of the pool and plays with it to the amusement of the visitors. Chaff training is going well and Chaff will now knows the command "back, back" unfortunately the ACT blew the whistle when Chaff fell in the pool, so now Chaff thinks the command is "back back jump in the pool"!

Bamboo and Thai, our otters, were treated to new moss covered logs, which were destroyed in record time. Thai has also now managed to bite through every pair of welly’s the ACT own, making them no longer waterproof, so the ACT are being brought new boots.

We have had no more escapes this week from our goats as Tamara has fixed the fence. Churchill was watching either to make sure she done it correctly or helping the other goats and taking notes for the escape plans.

Muffin is really enjoying the barley rings the ACT provide to help increase her weight, as yet Tuppence and Bracken have not yet cottoned on to Muffins extra feeds.

‘E’ Minor is enjoying being in the common seals enclosure pool with the big boys this week, and can be found riding along on their backs up and down the pool. ‘E’ Minor is also keen to do target training after he saw the big boys doing it. Tamara started him on this and he is very keen to learn.

Finally our 2005/2006-pup season has officially finished when on Wednesday (13th September 2006) we released Bogart wearing hat tag ID J1, Fawn and Darwin at Port Gaverne nr Port Issac in north Cornwall. Bogart was first out of the trailer closely followed by Darwin. Fawn took a little bit more persuading but finally headed out and down the beach.

Fawn coming out of the trailer - Photo was taken by Rachael Vine This photo of Darwin was taken by Rachael VineThis photo of Bogart was taken by Rachael Vine
New Pups for 2006/07 Rescue Season

Roo now weighs 13.5 kilos and is off glucose, his temperature is good and he has started to moult. He will soon be moved on to fish soup and is only fed now until midnight. Roo has also taken a liken to the welly and can be found sucking on it.

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