Update 15th July 2005

The Sanctuary has been quiet this week with news.

Magnus has been entertaining the visitors this week with his splashing. All the other residents in the convalescents pool have been enjoying basking in the sunshine. On Thursday, if you looked into the pool all you could see was a long line of seals sun bathing,

Flotsam and Jetsam are enjoying the sunshine, and in the afternoons can be found on the side of the pool, this doesn’t happen very often with these guys as they prefer the water.

Flipper and Yulelog - no change really from last week.

Rocky and Pepper - Pepper is still receiving extra fish, still much to the annoyance of Rocky.

Carus and Dips really no change this week, all residents enjoying the lovely weather.

Goats have extra food this week, after the site team trimmed all the brambles back down the lane.

Bracken, Tuppence and Muffin are all set to have a bath this week to get rid of the last of their winter coats.

Bamboo and Thai have had a great week with their new sun bed made from rocks. Positioned so they heat up with the morning sun, are nice are warm in the afternoon ready for a nap in the afternoon. (click here to read the press release for more details).

Wey is still in the hospital and continue to do well.

April and Briannock are now self-feeding in the nursery pools. All the other pups have stood upright in the water and torn the fish apart. These two think they are sea otters and lay on their backs with the fish in their flippers.

Little Lew was spotted in Wales last Monday and reports were he was not doing too good. Lew was kept an eye on all week by members of the public, and on Sunday it was decided that Lew would be brought back to Gweek, he arrived late Sunday night and was put into the nursery pool 2. On Monday Tamara took some blood, as he has hair loss on his belly and underside of his flippers. We are now waiting to find out if there is a reason for him missing hair. Lew seam to enjoy being back and got all excited when he saw the fish van on Monday morning.

Below are two photos of Smokey (hat tag No. 55) which were taken by Wendy Dale in the wild at Appledore in North Devon on Friday 8th July 2005.

Photo of Smokey was taken by Wendy DalePhoto of Smokey was taken by Wendy Dale

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