Update 15th June 2007

The convalescent pool was cleaned this week and Magnus was being very awkward and decided to sit on the drain which hampered the water draining. Magnus is now back in his corner after last week's adventure doing lots of splashing and was even treated to a conger eel.

Fatima is still full of beans and very hungry.

Anneka and Sheba have been playing chase with each other around the pool and have been fighting over the ice blocks.

Lizzie's nose has now healed and is doing lots of popping out on to the side of the pool next to Magnus during feeding time in the hope of extra fish.

Snoopy has been doing lots of moaning this week, but seems to be a little happier that the nurseries pools 1&2 are now open in to this pool. Unfortunately she refuses to come out in to the main pool, so the Animal Care Team are having to go to her to feed, which she is very pleased about.

Ray has started on the new hose which is now full of holes once again.

Marlin has been wrapping himself up in the hose, but is being a very good boy during training, but gets a little playful towards the end.

Attie is back to sitting on the raft when the pool is empty and staying on it until the water reaches the top of the pool.

Sahara has finally started to grow some fur and is looking very handsome now; we just need to make sure he keeps it, and doesn't moult over the next few weeks. If he doesn't moult, we can then fit his satellite tag and release him back to the Artic. Flotsam and Jetsam were also treated to ice blocks this week, but there was a little bit of fighting on who was going to get it.

Flotsam and Jetsam will soon be leaving the Sanctuary for a new home in Blankenberge in Belgium. In return, the Sanctuary will be providing a home to two female Common Seals, one of whom is blind and requires expert care that can only be provided by the Animal Care Team at the Sanctuary. Flotsam and Jetsam will be sadly missed by all the staff and visitors at the Sanctuary.

Flipper and Yulelog have been doing lots of training this week and have been fighting over the ice blocks and feed balls. Yulelog who normally takes no interest in feed balls, decided this week he wanted it and took it off Flipper.

Rocky has had a very busy week, he has being doing lots of training and will now slide in to the pool and not leap, he has also has been scaring Chaff, our Fur Seal, by just sitting on the side of the pool.

Carus is being very attentive to Boadi and keeps giving her little kisses, she is feeding well and has been given ice blocks and even went for a little swim on Tuesday. Carus is ok, feeding well, keeping a close eye on Boadi, and was like our other residents, treated to a feed ball.

Mika and Chaff were weighed this week. Chaff has been frightened all week by Rocky during training and will not stand where he is supposed to. They were both also weighed, Mika weighs 32 kilos and Chaff 194 kilos.

Thai and Bamboo were delighted with ice blocks and crabs. Thai is also up to something as she seems very chilled out. Bamboo on the other hand is collecting sticks, the reason, we have yet to find out.

Goats: Uncle Gavin (site team) trimmed all the nettles so they don't get stinging feet. They have been receiving lots of walkies from the volunteers and Churchill is getting lots of extra attention.

The ponies have been treated to staying out all night for some midnight munchies. With this in mind, the ponies have had their feed cut back, which has not pleased the ponies.


Convalescence Pool
Tiger Lilly has started to moult, unusual for a pup this young but not unheard of. Eve and Boss are spending time playing together. Boss likes to ride around the pool on the back of Eve; Eve has also unfortunately bit Boss. Pluto is being very sociable and doing lots of shouting. Olive has started to put on weight and is doing really well. Hopefully these guys will be released in the next few weeks.

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