Update 15th April 2005

Magnus is now being fed in the pool rather than out on the side so that Snoopy is not encouraged to come up and steal them from him. He seems quite put out that he has to work for his fish once again, but is slowly learning. He is enjoying the good weather, spending time lying in the sunshine and getting rid of the last few patches of old hair.

Sheba is getting more and more attention from Ray, although still likes the attention from Marlin too. She too is spending a lot of time out on the side of the pool in the sun, still squinting from time to time, although she is off her treatment.

Anneka is still a little larger than the other females and is looking good. She is being her usual cheeky self and annoying all the residents, paying particular attention to Ray, the man of the moment.

Fatima is enjoying the sunshine too, lounging around sleeping and looking very pretty.

Attie is still having fun whilst the pool cleaning takes place, being a very inquisitive seal who is looking for a little bit of attention at the moment.

Lizzie has been very quite again this week, spending more time out of the pool at feeding time.

Flotsam and Jetsam are due to star on “Exchange” on the CBBC channel. They were filmed to show how our animals are trained and they told the animal care team that the fame won’t go to their heads!

Both Flipper and Yulelogs are behaving themselves this week, with only a few crossed words at feeding time. Their training is coming on well, Logs is very hungry at the moment and is usually first out of the pool.

Pepper has been after a few gulls this week, not to mention Henry the Heron! She has been enjoying the enrichment and we have been changing things around and introducing new and previous toys to stop her getting bored. Rocky is still very noisy, barking for his mate almost constantly due to it being the breeding season.

Dipsy’s eye is fully open now although she is still on treatment. The spot underneath doesn’t seem to have changed or shrunk at all. Her appetite has increased quite a lot as the breeding season kicks off.

Carus is being a good boy lately and has behaved himself perfectly with Amanda again this week.

The Otters have a little competition at feeding times now as a heron has been cleaning up after them. He is starting to get even cheekier and spending more and more time in the enclosure, getting braver each day. The otters don’t seem too bothered by his presence, although wait till they find out that their food is being stolen.

Our new pony, Muffin has been introduced to the other Ponies. She came down on Friday (8th of April 2005) and has settled in very well,putting Tuppence and Bracken in their place from the moment they met. She needs a passport and vaccinations sorting out but the Animal Care Team have wormed her and not seen many problems with that. The Farrier has been in today and Muffin’s feet are a bit of a mess with laminitis. With a lot of TLC the animal care team are sure that Muffin will feel better in no time.


Gannel is now in salt water to help his wounds heal and he had some bloods taken this week, if all clear he can be moved down to the nursery pools next week, he is also feeding very well.

Taw is now a lot happier this week as he was moved in to the convalesce pool with the other pups. Taw still remembers how to catch his fish and can be seen darting all over the pool at feeding time.

Little Lew is piling on the pounds at the moment.

Wiske is a little slower at putting on the weight, but feeds well against the other pups.

Teign, Brant and Lune have all been hat tagged this week ready for a release hopefully next week.

Tees, Don and Clifford have also been moved in to the nursery pool ready to be hat tagged.

Clyde, Smokey, Bubbles, Breezie, Dagger, Ermine, Hoompah, Dinky and winter all in the round pool continue to put on weight and will hopefully be ready for release in a few weeks time.

This week also saw the release of three more seals that were rescued this season.

Hope, Ribble and Camel were all released off the North Cornwall coast, and lucky this release went without a hitch. First was Camel out closely followed by Hope and bring up the rear was Ribble. All three headed for the water without a backwards glance.   Camel's hat tag number is "38" and Ribble's hat tag number is "39".

Camel about to be releasedHope about to be released Ribble about to be released

Photos of Camel, Hope and Ribble being released back into the wild!

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