Update 15th February 2006

Magnus has had to learn to guard his fish this week as Snoopy has discovered that Magnus gets special treatment by the animal care team. He has taken to wrapping his front flippers around his fish so no one else can steal it!

Snoopy’s eye is finally starting to open up with the help of a course of antibiotics and pain killers and is back to her usual grumpy self!

Sheba’s moult is well under way and is now sporting half a silver spotty coat and half a drab brown coat. But she is obviously feeling much better for it as she meets the animal care team at the gate at feeding time.

Fatima is still undergoing her moult and so is spending lots of time resting, slowly drifting around the pool whilst the other seals swim around her to avoid bumping into her.

Anneka has been very excitable ever since the towel incident last week. She is usually our last seal to moult in the convalescent pool and so she still has lots of eating and playing to do before the moult begins!

Lizzie has also been taking time out to relax as her moult draws close. When the pool has been cleaned out she has been found curled up deep sleeping at the bottom…with her tongue sticking out!

Unfortunately the convalescent pool raft is no more...it was found this week in pieces floating in the pool. The main culprit is thought to be Ray who was last seen bouncing his ever expanding tummy off the raft!! The animal care team have desperately been trying to come up with a new toy for the pool which will be safe for the pups but also Ray proof!

This week Flotsam and Jetsam had their photographs taken with local radio presenter Bob McCreedy as he presented the sanctuary with ‘Best Visitor's Attraction Award’ voted by Pirate FM listeners. Bob came well prepared with his green wellies which was fortunate as Jetsam has a terrible habit of getting people wet at feeding time!

At night, Yulelog has found a new place to sleep; on his training pallet. The animal care team know where he has been as it is covered in moulted brown hair every morning. Flipper who has already completed his moult, keeps the gate entrance warm when he is sleeping just in case more fish might come his way! This week the boys have taken up gardening. The animal care team were surprised to find a leafy plant floating in the pool that was until recently growing in the rockwork in the enclosure. The boys seem to quite enjoy playing with it so the animal care team have decided to leave it in until pool cleaning day.

It seems that Rocky and Pepper have had a small disagreement this week as Pepper has been choosing the opposite side of the haulout to sleep – maybe Rocky forgot Valentines Day! The animal care team have been trying to keep them both occupied by giving Pepper her feedball with sprats in and Rocky has had a sheet of frozen sprats which kept him busy so that Pepper had a bit of piece and quiet!

Dipsy has been very hungry this week and has had her feed increased after she was almost sitting on the animal care team’s toes and hugging the bucket at feed time! Carus has been happy boy this week as the animal care team have treated him to extra sprat feeds throughout the week.

As half-term begins, the sanctuary has suddenly got busier with visitors, much to the amusement of Thai and Bamboo who seem to get very excited by all the goings on. To the two otters, the sudden influx of people can only mean one thing...feed time!

Tuppence, Bracken and Muffin have been very well behaved over the last week and with the sudden wet weather have been coming in off their field voluntarily and waiting for the animal care team to deliver their afternoon feed of pony nuts and hay before going to bed.

The goats are not so co-operative but then they have had to have their feet trimmed again. The animal care team always try and make it up to them by cutting some tasty brambles for them.


Bogart has been into the vets again to be x-rayed to find out the cause of his reluctance to feed. It was found that he does still have some swelling at the back of his throat. The vet prescribed a new antibiotic and the animal care team are making sure Bogart’s fish are cut up into tiny pieces to help him feed.

Sting received a clear bill of health and has been moved down to the nursery pools where he has adjusted well.

After introducing Ginger to fish last week, Ginger has decided she is not quite ready for the big step and has been refusing to eat. She lost weight quickly and the animal care team have decided to allow her to put on weight with fish soup which she loves and then when she is big enough move her down to the pools to learn to feed from the other pups. She has also had her pool filled up between feeds which keeps her busy!

Shambles had two teeth removed at the vets last week and she has since made a full recovery. The animal care team are now applying ear drops to Shambles, as she has developed a persistent ear infection.

Stoggs was rescued on 12th of February 2006 from Porthgwarra suffering from a fishing net injury around his neck, an ulcerated eye and malnutrition. He has received a course of antibiotics, has been wormed and receiving antibiotic eye drops. He has taken to fish very well and can’t get enough of them!

Now fully recovered, Tusker and Humbug have moved back into the convalescent pool. Tusker is back to normal self again – trying to steal fish from the other seals. Humbug, on the other hand, would prefer to be back in the nursery pools where he gets special treatment, spending a lot of his time watching the nursery pool pups!

Bess and Fawn have also made a full recovery but remain in the nursery pools to allow them to put on weight.

Bailey and Guvnor have moved into the convalescent pool after reaching 30 kilos.

Stella and Storm must have got their own back on Tanglefoot as he has calmed down significantly and is much less hostile to the other seals!

Carrot arrived this week from RSPCA West Hatch after receiving a clear bill of health. He has settled in quickly and is feeding well. He will be staying at the sanctuary until he reaches 40 kilos and then will be released with the other pups.

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