Weekly News Update w/e 14th December 2007
Resident Seals and Sea Lions

All seals in the convalescent pool are still not eating, pup this means that the pups are doing well with all the extra fish being thrown into the pool. Pups that are now is this pool are 'Mina' still the loudest followed closely by Nessa (Snoopy is being drowned out by these two). Hocken and Kitto are doing well and putting on weight at a steady pace.
The training with Mika is improving week on week, thanks to the new training plan by Nikki and her friend.

The common seals Luna and Sija seem to be getting on well with the two RSPCA grey seal pups who arrived last week, and are eating well.

Rocky is eating ok, but wish it was a little warmer so he could sunbathe. Carus and Boadi are ok and Boadi will not come out of the pool when I (Rachael) call her.
Sija, our new resident common seal
The Otters

Thai and Bamboo are hungry and missing the company of lots of people visiting and get very excited when visitors do pop in to see them.
Paddock Animals

Goats are still continuing to enjoy their walks around the sanctuary of a morning with the little goats Priscilla and Elvis leading the pack. Ponies have been enjoying the extra winter food given to them and lots of grooming from the Animal Care Team.
Churchill, our goat

Hospital pen 1 - Alan is doing well and feeding by himself putting on weight steadily.
Hospital pen 2 - Pasco is also doing well and weight increasing.
Hospital pen 3 - Hannibal is doing well, still very aggressive.
Hospital pen 4 - Gryffin is also very aggressive but feeding well.

Isolation pen 1 - Wella was rescued on the Monday 10th December 2007 at Kennack Sands this pup is between 4-5 weeks old and weighed 15.5 kilos. He had a graze to his lower chin plus coughing and wheezing.

Isolation pen 2 - Tegan was rescued was rescued also on the 10th December 2007 from Porthtowan beach and she believed to have been disturbed by the public. She is only 3 days old and has a graze to her chin, but a swollen mouth and whiskers. She is also underweight at 10.5 kilos. Tegan is on milk and will then move on to fish soup.

Isolation pen 3 - Dewy was rescued on Friday 14th December 2007 from Sennen Cove. We received a call about this pup that appeared to be very thin and exhausted. He was brought back to the Sanctuary. He weighed 16 kilos, and was malnourished but about 5 weeks old. He had puncture wounds to right rear flippers and front flippers, he also had grazes to his nail beds, but also had an infection to his left eye. He is receiving a course of antibiotics, eye drops and Multi vitamins.
Wella in the hospital - photo was taken by RachaelTegan in the hospital - photo was taken by Rachael Dewy in the hospital - photo was taken by Rachael
Nursery pool and Convalescent pool

Mina, Nessa, Kitto and Hocken are doing well in the convalescent pool. Samson, Digory and Fenna are all feeding well in the nursery pool 2.
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