Update 14th October 2005

Earlier today (14th of October 2005), the Sanctuary said goodbye to Bianca and Wey. Due to the good weather, it was decided that they would be released at Port Gaverne, Near Port Issac in North Cornwall.

Wey, wearing yellow hat tag number 58, spent most of her time looking around at what was going on, and Bianca slept until we arrived just outside Port Issac. She woke up after smelling the sea.

After getting the trailer on the beach and opening the door, they were gone. There was no looking back for either Wey or Bianca as they headed out to deeper water.

Here are a couple of photos of Bianca and Wey being released for you to enjoy!
Photo of Bianca was taken by Rachael VinePhoto of Wey was taken by Rachael Vine

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