Update 14th September 2007

Everything stopped (in the middle of a talk) in the convalescent pool this week when Magnus moved. We don't mean Magnus turned round or went back under water, but actually moved, swimming at speed. The result of this burst of energy came from Ray and Marlin who went up behind Magnus and started to nip at his back flipper that he turned and snorted and swam off.

Lizzie was a very brave girl this week when she stood up to the bully Marlin. Marlin, a little shocked by this, remained frozen to the spot, which gave Lizzie just enough time to flop up the steps and away from him before he realised what had happened.

Fatima has been enjoying herself this week with one of her favourite games - winding up Snoopy who is displeased with this.

Sheba also jumping on the band wagon of wind up Snoopy, can be found napping in Snoopy's nursery pool, which sends out moans across the whole Sanctuary.

On Monday the Animal Care Team tried to trim Snoopy's nails, but this had no success and then she refused to eat for the rest of the day, I don't think her plan was thought through with much care, as this just made her really hungry by the next day and when she had to concede, and approach the Animal Care Team for some fish.

Anneka and Ray are getting in to the spirit of the breeding season and have been playing kiss chase around the pool for the later part of the week.

Marlin has not quite got the hang of what he is suppose to do, and so keeps chasing and nipping at the girls rather then being nice, and giving them kisses.

Atlanta had a bit of a quiet week, spending time in the nursery pool, and jumping on her raft during pool cleaning.

At the beginning of the week we had confirmation that Flotsam and Jetsam will be leaving for Blankenberge at the end of the month. We will be very sad to see them go as they are a favourite with both our Animal Care Team and visitors. Sahara has started to lose a small amount of fur around his eyes and flippers, but we are waiting on his results to see if he can still be released. Hopefully there will be no problems with him going.

Yulelog is still keeping a close eye on Flipper during training, and seem to be hungry as the Animal Care Team have to tell them both more then once that the buckets are empty, as they do not think the Animal Care Team are telling the truth when they just do it the once.

Rocky had his pool cleaned this week, and we even took a pressure hose to the waterfall to get all the alga off, which then seemed to then come down on the Animal Care Team. Rocky also had a little bit of the opposite effect later on in the week when asked to go 'in the pool' during feeding, he would come out and when asked to come 'out the pool' he would go in, so not too good on training this week.

Boadi has finally worked out the bigger bucket means more fish. So Boadi has at feeding time been following Carus bucket in the hope of fish and ignoring her own. Carus has been in the pool and has not noticed what has been happening which is a good thing for if he did all hell would break lose.

Mika has unfortunately taken the song 'Big girls are beautiful by Mika' to the limit. Over the last few weeks, Mika has put on a few pounds. The rubber ring we made for her was quite loose around her neck until the other week when she put it on and it would not slip off quite so easily.

Thai and Bamboo were going to be weighed this week but we were unsuccessful, as the scales decided not to work. Both Thai and Bamboo were really good at standing on the scales so we are very pleased with the training and will continue with it while the scales are being repaired.

A quiet week for our goats, but were surprised later on in the week that the ponies seem to be getting closer.

Ponies - Steve McQueen was back in action again this week, as the fence between the paddocks was ripped out of the ground, so all could get in to the next field - the grass is truly green on the other side!!

Reef, our cat, has not been seen much this week, but will be out a lot more now that all the children have returned to school as he is still a bit of a scare-de-cat!

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