Update 14th July 2006

Magnus is a little upset this week, now that all the pups have left the Convalescence pool, all the residents are getting hand fed, so Magnus is not the only one receiving special treatment.

Lizzie is still sleeping with her tongue hanging (even more than last week) out of her mouth. Lizzie also received a telling off from Magnus, as he found out that at feeding time, she would sit behind him, and the Animal Care Team (ACT) would sneak extra fish to her.

Fatima have been up to mischief this week, she keeps popping out onto the side of the pool and annoying Snoopy, this makes Snoopy moan, but Fatima likes to do this in the middle of the ACT’s talks.

Sheba has been keeping a low profile this week, so this has made the ACT uneasy, as they wait to find out what she has been up to.

Anneka is really enjoying having the pool to herself especially during the afternoon, when all the other residents are out of the pool sun bathing, Anneka can be found doing laps up and down the pool.

Snoopy is very grumpy this week (more so than usual), this is because she hurt her bad claw. She hasn’t been put onto medication, as the best treatment would be salt water.

Ray has been a little bit…Ray like! This week he has been trying to help the ACT clean the pool. By help we mean, he grabs the hose until the ACT spray the water into his mouth. He has also taken a liking to Magnus’s corner. Don’t get too comfy Ray, Magnus will be back.

Marlin’s a little bit disappointed this week as we have no pups left so he has no one to terrorise – now the pups have gone, we can start giving them new tasks to do.

Attie is a little itchy this week, but has now forsaken the raft for a buoy, which she can be found cuddled up to on the steps in the afternoon.

After last week’s brave effort by Flotsam and Jetsam, but these two are still on the training feed ball. Jetsam has grown a little more in confidence this week with it, the professional ball is still a long time off.

Yulelog still continues to put on weight, and Flipper is now off all medication for his eye. This week the ACT gave him a treat of fish poles. This enrichment (yeah right!) is tying a fish to the end of a pole, running round the enclosure, seal will then leap out the water to get fish – or so the theory goes. Yulelog is a good boy and does this, Flipper is a lot smarter then we give him credit for. He waits until the ACT are exhausted from running round the pool, where at this point the ACT will throw the fish in the pool, only for Flipper to retrieve it.

Pepper and Rocky have had some treats over the weekend. Rocky got conger eel, which he trashed around the pool, getting some visitors wet and Pepper had a feed ball, which the ACT had to take to her, after she had problems seeing it will her poor eye sight.

Carus who is always hungry, had a bit of an off day last week and seem not to want his food. The real story is that he doesn’t want to have to work for it and would like all his fish hand fed to him instead of swimming in the pool to catch it.

Mika and Chaff are both being really vocal at the moment, and Chaff is paying Mika lots of attention. Mika was also treated to a conger eel tail, which she loved, and properly enjoyed all the more that Chaff was uninterested in the eel.

After last week’s excitement and fun of the ice blocks, this week when Bamboo and Thai received them, the blocks were given a chilly reception (sorry about the pun). This week the blocks were left to melt on the side.

Tuppance when for a walk with the goats Elvis and Pricilla. Much to the concern of Monty and Churchill who properly got more exercise chasing up and down the field after Elvis and Pricilla.

Reef has been spotted again this week, watching the ACT put his food out for him. But the ACT have also been spying on Reef and found him the other day stalking a pheasant.

PUPS: Four down and Four to go: This week the ACT said goodbye to Bock, Smuggler, Pacific and Spingo all were released back into wild at 6.30am at Porthtowan on Wednesday (12th July 2006). Bock was the first out of the trailer, closely followed by Smuggler. After finding his flippers, Pacific went, and after a lot of two-ing and frow-ing Spingo. To see more photos of the release, click on the following link to take you to Karl Wheston's excellent website www.karlw.fotopic.net.

Bock coming out of the trailer - This photo was taken by Rachael VinePhoto of Pacific looks back before he heads off to the sea - This photo was taken by Rachael Vine
Bock Pacific

Ginger, Stoggs, Fawn and Bogart have now been moved into the nursery pool. Bogart still has around another5kg to put on before being released. Much too their distaste we have hat tagged them. Ginger is wearing hat tag ID C6, Stoggs J9, Bogart J1 and Fawn wearing no hat due to markings on his coat.

Our new leaflet for 2006 is now available to download from the visitor's information page.

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