Update 14th April 2006

Magnus has been spending time in the pool this week splashing the water with his flippers to get more fish. He is also a little itchy and been scratching himself on the steps.

Fatima has been chasing and terrorising the pups this week.

Sheba is very hungry at the moment and has been trying to steal everyone else’s fish.

Lizzie is not very well at the moment has she has a swallow jaw and bite wounds. She is on a course of antibiotics and being hand fed.

Anneka has a poorly eye and is on pain relief and antibiotics, which it is starting to clear up.

Snoopy has a poorly tummy at the moment, so the team are keeping a close eye on her.

Attie is having lots of fun playing with the pups. Congratulation to Attie, who has now got fur all over her body.

Marlin is also growing hair...but only mainly on his face.

Ray is pleased to have Maz back to work as he has someone new to terrorise.

Flotsam and Jetsam have gone off their food this week, Jetsam is a little hungry, but Flotsam doesn’t want to know.

Flipper and Yulelog are both coping well in their new pool and Flipper is enjoying watching the convalescence feed.

Pepper has a poorly front flipper and is limping a little; she has been put on a course of antibiotics and pain relief. Rocky is a little confused with the new residents next door. As when Chaff is asked to get out the pool, Rocky does it beautifully but doesn’t receive any fish.

Carus is under the weather at the moment, despite all the time the team are spending with him.

Chaff and Mika, our new residents, are both settling in ok. The move knocked the confidence of Mika a little so the team are spending time hand feeding her. Chaff is having training through the Perspex for the moment.

Thai and Bamboo, our Otters, have new plants in their enclosure this week which they started to destroy; we quickly replaced these with conifer branches, which are now in bits instead.

Muffin has been looking thin so the team have given her extra feeds, much to the disgust of Bracken and Tuppence.

Our goats have been enjoying the sunshine.


Stoggs still has a bad eye and is on medication for it.

Boggart is still eating his fish in small pieces.

Doom, Wombat, Stella and Guvnor are all waiting for bloods to be taken and a date set for their release.

Sting, Tanglefoot, Shambles, Pacific, Storm, Bailey, Bess, Skiff, Ghost, Fawn, Wilson, Speckle and Spingo are all doing well and putting on weight.

Smuggler is off medication apart from eye drops. Lip is healing nicely; he is self feeding and weighs 14.5 kilos.

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