Update 14th January 2005



Magnus’ right eye is finally starting to look a little better.  The vet came in to see him this week and after a good look, he fortunately does not think the eye is ulcerated.  So for now, the animal care team continue to give Magnus oral and topical anti-inflammatories to help with the healing process.  Otherwise, Magnus is on fine form, feeding well and slapping for fish at feed time.


Fatima and Sheba are now feeding well and both look like they will begin their annual moult very soon.


Anneka has been very quiet this week; it appears she may have been outshone by all the unruly pups in the pool!  However, the pups seem to enjoy her company as this week, she managed to find her way into a nursery pool and was surrounded by nine other pups.


Lizzie is feeding well and looking rounder by the day preparing herself for the moult.


Snoopy’s character is coming out more every week.  She now has her own spot on the convalescent pool haul-out and defends it vigorously from all the pups in the pool.  She confidently enters the pool at feeding time but when she is being lazy, she simply sits out on the side and stretches her neck so she can see the animal care team throwing the fish over the side of the pool and waits patiently.


Attie, Marlin and Ray are all now maturing into beautiful young seals.  All three still have times when they act like young pups but Attie in particular quite often prefers to sit out with the residents females than play with the boisterous boys!


Flotsam and Jetsam are both feeding well.  Whilst Jetsam will dash quickly around the pool for his fish, Flotsam is a little lazier and he would rather let the seagulls steal his fish than have to use up energy going to fetch his fish!


Flipper is finally back on form.  His training is going well and he is coming out each feed to get his fish.  Logs now looks a little worried and is watching his back at feeding time just in case Flipper comes and steals his fish!


Rocky and Pepper are enjoying some late winter sunshine, Pepper in particular hates the rain and will sit out in her cave so she doesn’t get wet!


Carus and Dipsy have had their pool cleaned this week and whilst the pool has been filling, Dipsy prefers to stay in the pool and wait for the fish to come to her.  Greedy Carus’ however, is straight out onto the side to guarantee he never misses a fish.


Thai and Bamboo have been itching a little this week so both otters have had their flea treatment.  With it being very chilly towards the end of the week neither Thai nor Bamboo have been very willing to get their feet wet, preferring to eat their breakfast in the comfort of their warm holt.


Goats and Ponies - Bracken, Tuppence, Churchill, Monty, Elvis and Priscilla have all been wormed and had their hooves trimmed this week. 




Roskilly, Itchen and Blyth were all released back out into the wild this week. We had checked the weather and due to the big waves on the North coast, it was decided to release on the South. All three were loaded up in the trailer and ready to go. There was a change of plan at the last minute as the North coast was now flatter then the South.  We arrived at the release site; first out was Itchen, who was not impressed. Next Blyth was released, this pup was not hanging around and headed straight for the water, without looking back. Roskilly was the last to come out the trailer, after 5 minutes of exploring the sand, he headed for the water. In the meantime, Itchen is trying to get back into the trailer but with no luck. After moving across the top of the beach for about 10 minutes and then moving up and down the bottom of the beach for another 10 minutes, Tamara finally managed to show him in which direction he was going. After feeling the water on his flippers, there was no stopping him and he was off.  The hat tag numbers are: Roskilly (00) Itchen (01) Blyth (10).


Arrow, Trent, Taff, Wriggle and Alpha have all been moved into a nursery pool and hat tagged and had final blood samples taken ready for their release hopefully in the next couple of weeks.


Ribble and Cale have now joined Red, Severn, Eden, Keekle, Camel and Frome in the convalescent pool and are all fighting well for their fish. 


Dart has now been moved into the nursery pool with Lew and Esk to allow him to put on a little bit more weight before going onto the convalescent pool.  This also is giving Lew a bit more competition for his fish.  Lew is now doing very well and after a couple of weeks of being mollycoddled by the animal care team to encourage him to put on weight, the animal care team are now taking a back seat and he is finally feeding himself and is putting on weight.


Dee has gone back to the surgery this week to have the pin removed from his shoulder. 

He is recovering well.


Hope’s eye is healing well.  This week she has been wormed and tagged, the next step is for Hope to have her stitches removed.


Teign was rescued on 3rd January 2005 from Porthcurno.  She had a swollen jaw and swollen front right flipper and was obviously in a lot of pain.  She has been receiving a course of antibiotics and pain relief.  After a good rest and 10 days of treatment, she is now a fiesty, healthy looking seal.  She has been having a few swimming lessons in the hospital before being moved down to the nursery pools.


Smokey was rescued on 5th January 2005 from Port Isaac by a British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) Volunteer.  He appeared to have followed a fishing boat into the harbour and then had hauled-out and found himself on the roadside.  As he was malnourished, he was brought back to the hospital for a precautionary course of antibiotics and some rest and food.  He is now feeding well and once a wound on his hock has healed, he will be moved down to the nursery pools.  Smokey now shares a pen with Clyde to help him learn to feed himself.


After getting the “all clear” from the vet, Claw and Kenn have been moved down to the nursery pools.  After a slow start where everything was more interesting than fish, they have now settled down and feeding well.


Ermine’s eye ulcer and wounds have now completely healed and this week she was moved down to the pools with the new RSPCA pup Dagger, transferred to Gweek in the first week of January, and Breezie.  All three pups are feeding well but Bubbles has been brought back up to the hospital as he refused to feed himself in the pool.  He has now learnt to hand feed fish from the animal care team and it is hoped that he will soon feed himself and be able to return to the pools.


Clyde has now been moved into a hospital pen with Smokey. 

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