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Issue 53
13th November 2010

Three more arrivals
luckily ones a penguin
Over the last few weeks, the stormy weather has been making its return to the Cornish coast, and pups are getting into trouble.
On the 28th October a call came into the Sanctuary about a pup at Booby´s Bay at Padstow. With so many pups in the hospital, the Sanctuary called on Dave (BDMLR) to go out and check on the pup. Once on the beach it was awaiting game as Mum could have been out fishing, and had left her pup safely on the beach to come back too. After a few hours, and no sign of Mum the little pup was picked up and brought to the Sanctuary. In the hospital our team can now start a full clinical assessment and any treatment the pup might need.
First is to find out if the pup is a boy or a girl, this pup is a little girl and she has been named Coral.
Next is the weight and Coral was only 11 kilos which is under nourished for a pup of only a week old. She also had a high temperature and lots of bite wounds on her body.
With wounds cleaned and treated and blood samples taken and sent for analysis, she was also started on a course of antibiotics and multi vitamins.
As Coral is only a week old, she will be receiving multi milk.
Coral Coral now just over 3 weeks old
Woody No 2
On the 1st November 2010 we received a call about a pup at Sennen Cove, Jenna and Ali from our Animal Care Team, grabbed the cage & rescue kit and headed out.
On arriving at the beach, they found a little pup with multiple wounds and a high temperature, it was transferred to the cage and brought back to the Sanctuary.
In the hospital a full clinical assessment was carried out and this little boy weighed only 16 kilos and aged around 6 weeks. His wounds found on his rear flippers, shoulder, chin & lip were cleaned and treated.
Once again with all our patients a blood sample was taken and a course of antibiotics started to help fight any infection that maybe in the wounds.
This pup is very quiet and a prescription of lots of sleep is in order for Woody.
You may ask why he is has been named Woody #2. Back in December of 2006 we rescued a little seal also named Woody, but is spotted in the wild regularly so this year we had to have a Woody #2, so we don't get confused after he is released.
Woody Woody #2 in the main hospital
Barney meets his new friends
If you have visited the Sanctuary or read on our updates, you will know that the Sanctuary has five Humboldt Penguins, three females and two males. Ivy our oldest at six years old is now at breeding age and looking for a mate.
Scarborough Sea Life Centre also had alone male looking for a partner and arranged for the Scarborough penguin named Barney to move to Cornwall in the hope that he will fall in love with Ivy.
Jenna and Rachael left on Tuesday and made the journey north and on Wednesday all three arrived back at Gweek.
Unfortunately it was not love at first sight for Barney and Ivy but all the signs are there and hopefully over the next few weeks these two will become closer.
In the meantime Gilbert, one of our little boys, is showing Barney around the new enclosure and introducing him to the way of life at Gweek, such as making sure that the entertainments staff clean
the windows properly and what time feeding time is and the best place to stand to get the most fish off the Animal Care Team.
Barney with his new friends The photo above shows Barney in the middle of the penguins looking at Ivy in the hope that she will notice him
Pup season 2010-2011 - total so far...13
Dory is still in isolation number 2 but now is beginning to moult her white coat and feeding on whole fish. Francis is in the main hospital pen number two, putting on weight slowly but ripping up his fish. Hopper has finally moulted, receiving water in his hospital pen, and learning to eat fish in water. Nemo has now fully moulted and learning to eat fish in water. This is done by putting his fish in a bowl of water.
Dory, Francis, Hopper and Nemo
Photos above from left to right - Dory, Francis, Hopper and Nemo
Seven pups are now outside, Rex is in nursery pool 3 which he did share with Sulley, who was eating all the fish so has now been moved into the convalescent pool. We have six pups in the convalescent pool but with the gates open to nursery pools 1 and 2, some pups still take refuse in there.     Photos below - Boo (left), Roz (middle) and Rex (right)
Boo, Roz and Rex
This year the Sanctuary is using white flipper tags for our rescued pups. Each tag has the Sanctuary's contact details and a number.
If you are out about around the coast and you spot a seal have a look at it´s rear flippers to see if you can see a tag, we need to know the colour of the tag and the number if possible, where the seal was spotted and the condition it was in, this all helps towards our post monitor release programme.    The seal pups tag numbers so far:- Boo - 001; Pearl - 002; Mike - 003; Sulley - 004; Rex - 006 and Roz - 007.
Entertainments Team
Chris  Keeling
As you may remember in our previous issue (issue 50) Entertainments team member Chris Keeling who has been growing his hair since he was 15 years old and had measured over 1 ft, had agreed to have it chopped off if he can raise £200 for Merlin´s Magic Wand. The charity provides magical experiences and other support for children who are seriously ill, disabled or disadvantaged. A few weeks ago the time had arrived and Chris had an appointment with the hairdressers, not only did he have his hair cut off but his beard as well!
Animal Adoptions and Donations
If you would like to help with the cost of rehabilitation, it can cost up to £1500 to rehab each pup, you can help by taking out
an adoption.
If you do find a pup on the beach, please call the Sanctuary on 01326 221361, and follow this advice:-

DON´T attempt to handle the pup.

DON´T attempt to put the pup back in the sea.

DO keep your distance.

DON´T ignore the situation.

DO tell the National Seal Sanctuary call 01326 221361.
Seal Pup in the wild Adoptions start from £25,
click on this link
for more information or
email the adoption coordinator at

Make a donation, click here for more details.

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