Update 13th November 2007
It was a quiet last week for our residents, but the Animal Care Team have been kept busy by some more new arrivals at the Hospital.
Nessa, our five rescued seal pup of the 2007/8. The sanctuary received a call on Wednesday 7th November about a pup down at St Ives, after getting a description about its body condition we asked the BDMLR to pick it up and bring it to the Sanctuary, whilst we prepared a pen. This pup was weighed when it can to the seal sanctuary and was very underweight at only 11.5 kilos, malnourished and had minor puncture wounds to its rear flippers. She was treated with fluids for the first 24 hours before being moved on to fish. As she is a little girl, she has been named 'Nessa' after our Animal Care Team Supervisor's mum.

On Monday (12th November 2007) Nessa was moved in to the main hospital and is feeding very well for herself and always hungry. She is still receiving Vitamins and iron tables, plus antibiotics. After moving Mina down to the pools we thought thing would have gone quiet, but Nessa seems to have taken her position and shouts all day long.
Feena, our six rescued seal pup of the 2007/8, was rescued on 8th of November 2007. The Sanctuary received a call from Tim (BDMLR) about a pup on the beach at St Ives which had some wounds to its rear flippers and very malnourished. The Animal Care Team got together the kit and headed to St Ives. The pup had already been brought up the beach when the Sanctuary team arrived and was given fluids in the car park before being taken back to the Sanctuary. The pup was weighed and found to be 17.5 kilos, which for a pup this age is underweight. The pup also had numerous puncture wounds to its rear flippers, with both swelling and discharge; she also had an ulcerated tongue. The pup has been put on a course of antibiotics, pain relief as well as the normal vitamins and iron tablets, plus fluid for the first 24 hours. She has been named Feena. Feena is doing well and is now being force-fed fish 4 times a day.
Kitto and Digory are both now in water in the main hospital, learning to catch fish in water.

On Friday 9th of November 2007 both Mina and Hocken were moved down to the outside nursery pool No. 1. Mina is finally quiet (not sure how long this will last). Hocken was a little quicker at getting the fish that was thrown in to the pool but Mina has finally got up to speed and is doing very well for herself.
Sahara, the hooded seal, was released back into the wild off the Scottish coast on 9th October 2007. You can follow his progress via satellite tracking if you click on this link. The graphs are updated on a daily basis and you can also see an amazing 3D image of part of Sahara's travels. However, Sahara has hauled out for the first time in four weeks just off the coast of Spain. This was in a quiet area but he was spotted, and a seal rescue facility was called and came to have a look at Sahara, they decided to take him back for a thorough health check. They will let us know if there are any further developments.
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