Update 13th November 2005

Magnus is still on eye drops, so we have moved him to one of the nursery pools. In here, we drain the pool during the day so he can get the most from his eye treatment, and in the evening we refill his pool. His eyes are slowly improving and he is still eating well.

Snoopy has started moulting. For the seal who is a complete drama queen and doesnít like any other seal, Snoopy has taken a fancy to one of our pups rescued this year, Skinner. Snoopy has been seen getting close to Skinner (with no moaning) to try and make friends with him, unfortunately Skinner is not so sure and Snoopy approaches him Skinner hits her on the head with his flipper. Unlucky for Skinner that Snoopy will not give up very easily.

After having no luck with Magnus, Sheba has gone back to Marlin, and they can now be found snuggling up together on the side of the Pool.

Fatima has retreated to the caves in the convalescent pool as she has started moulting.

Lizzie squinting in her left eye and has been put on a course of antibiotics, she is also very hungry and is first at the gate for feeding time.

Anneka - Olympic training is in progress swimming up and down the pool, chasing the pups.

The Animal Care Team have now put the raft back in the convalescent pool much to the joy of Atlanta but cannot get near it as Mite has taken a liken to it.

Poor Ray has lost his best friend Marlin to a girl and can be found watching Marlin and Sheba from afar.

Flotsam and Jetsam have gone off their training, and they have gone off their fish.

On Tuesday 8th of November, Flipper was seen by a dentist, for his bad tooth. Flipper had to have an operation to remove his tooth. Instead of Flippers tooth growing down, it grew up and was causing him terrible pain. The tooth was successfully removed and the hole left by the tooth was packed and stitched up.

Flipper after his operation - Photo was taken by Rachael Vine

The next day (Wednesday) Flipper didnít feel like eating, this was probably due to his operation and having a tender mouth. On Thursday at feeding time it was a different story, as soon as the Animal Care Team walked through the gate, Flipper went straight up to them and stuck his head in the bucket trying to get fish. After two days of not eating Flipper was a very hungry seal.

After spending a day and a half without Flipper and having the pool to himself, Logs was unhappy to have his companion back. Logs soon got used to having Flipper back and they are now back to being friends.

Rocky is being very loud at the moment with lots of barking and is also a bit erratic with is behaviour. Pepper is back to eating lots of fish and is looking very round.

Carus is very hungry at the moment. Dips had fun this week when her windows were cleaned, trying to help the Animal Care Team. Carus was caught watching Flipper having his operation. He was standing on his rock looking down making sure he was alright.

Bamboo is still scratching, so we have given him more flea treatment. The otters have also had some new enrichment toys given tot hem. Thai is a little annoyed with it as she can feel the mill worms in the tube, but cannot quite reach them.

Bracken, Tuppence and Muffin, our ponies, had a photo shoot this week and a walk down by the seal enclosure much to a surprised Flotsam and Jetsam.

Elvis, Priscilla, Monty and Churchill, our goats, have been uncooperative this week while being taken for a walk by Tamara. After the thought of more exercise, the goats decided to revolt and took Tamara for a walk instead. After being pulled round the site, the goats took her back to their paddocks with the hope that exercise is never managed again.


Blonde has lost weight, and is still on fluid twice a day. Hopefully she will be fit enough to go to the main hospital soon. She arrived at the sanctuary on 4th of November 2005, to read about the rescue of Blonde, Dan Jarvis from the British Divers Marine Life Rescue team (BDMLR) has very kindly provided a report on the rescue, click here to read.

Blonde, photo was taken by Dan Jarvis of BDMLR

Guinness is still holding on to a white piece of fur on the top of his head. He also likes to bite the Animal Care team when they go into his pen. Guinness is feeding well and is now 15kg.

Mite is now causing a riot in the convalescents pool, and is doing her best to annoy the residents.

Skinner must love a bad girl as he has taken quite a shine to Mite.

Spike is also doing well in the nursery pools.

Thatcher has now moved to the nursery pools.

Tusker is feeding well and his cough is getting much better.

Brainnock and April were due to be released this week, but with the bad weather that has come in it is unlikely. Hopefully it will be better weather next week so that they can be released.

And finally

We received phone calls on Wednesday (9th of November 2005) about an injured seal that had hauled out on the slipway by the lifeboat station in St Ives. When Tamara Cooper and Rachael Vine arrived at St Ives to find the seal basking in the sunshine on the slipway, with a crowd of people looking on. The seal turn out to be a common seal. To read more click here to go to our press release.

Common Seal

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