Update 13th October 2006

Magnus is a very grumpy boy at the moment and very snappy when

Ray and Marlin come near him. He also has a problem with the flies and so the Animal Care Team (ACT) have been treating him with an avocado and tea tree fly spray. Magnus now smells lovely.

Lizzie has been receiving eye treatment for the squint in her eye. She has also been splitting her fish and scraping out her pills. So the ACT have been hiding the pills in the fish’s mouth, as yet Lizzie has not found them and been swallowing the pills. Final score ACT 1 ~ SEALS 0

Fatima was treated to conger eel this week which she enjoyed. We have discovered that when she gets the eel, takes it into nursery pool 2 cave, and eats it. Fatima also can be found starring across the pool longing at Magnus.

Sheba is still snuggling up to Ray on a daily basis, but is also receiving treatment for an eye infection.

Anneka is back in training for the Olympics and can be found doing laps up and down the pool.

Snoopy is enjoying her own company in nursery pool 1 at the moment and enjoying starring at the visitors as they go pass the window. Snoopy freaked out Tamara the other morning by just starring at her and not moving. Think this has now levelled the playing field ACT 1 ~ SEALS 1

Ray is still snuggling up to Sheba on a daily basis.

Marlin, having no luck with Sheba, has now taken a liking to

Lizzie and both can be found ‘kicking back’ on the top step of the convalescence pool, and touching flippers.

Attie is at the moment playing the fool at feeding time. At feeding time, she come’s flying out the nursery pool, sliding across the haul out area in to the convalescence pool picks up a fish, jumps out the convalescence pool, slides back across the haul out area into the nursery pool and eats the fish. Once this fish is finished, she repeats the same process over again, seems a lot of work for a fish but at least she is getting some exercise.

All the residents in this pool were also treated to squid. Marlin liked it,

Fatima spat hers out, Magnus ignored his and Sheba and

Ray…where otherwise engaged in other pursuits

Flotsam is still doing lots of grunting. Flotsam, Jetsam and E Minor have been doing lots of sea gull chasing and Ed got a little confused at one feeding time when he thought Abi hand was a fish, but Ed is very smart. He went to grab the hand stopped looked oddly at it realised what it was and waited patiently for his fish.

Flipper has been a naughty boy this week and been eating the cockers off the tree, Yulelog is more sensible.

Rocky and Pepper have been weighed this week. Rocky was first to be weighed and was following the ACT so they could get him on the pallet, and Rocky just kept on walking and broke the pallet so the team had to find a replacement. Rocky was weighed successfully and is just less than 300 kilos. In the afternoon, Pepper knew it would be her turn so before the team arrived to do the feeding, Pepper got on the pallet and waited for the guys to turn up, Pepper weighs 91 kilos. This is normal as the males are normally a lot heaver then the females.

Carus still has a nice clean pool even though we gave him conger eel, which we thought would mess up his pool. Carus ate the conger eel still frozen, we are surprised he didn’t have gut ache.

Mika has been teasing Chaff again this week and when he would not respond to her Mika start on the ACT in particular Abi who was cleaning the pool. Abi would have to tell Mika off and Mika would lie down and look guilty, then jump back up a few minutes later and start on Abi again.

Bamboo and Thai have been enjoying the muddy puddles created by the torrential rain and been enjoying the mud slides. Thai is being picky about the food and now both are hanging off the trousers and wellies during feeding time.

Elvis joined the ponies on a walk around site this week. The other goats were quite fretful about where he had gone, and could be found charging around the field looking for him. Elvis had a wonderful welcome on his return.

Reef has been spotted by everyone this week and has also been given a treat of some fish tails in his shed.


Roo now weighs 16 kilos and has been moved into a bigger pen to swim and is feeding himself, just needs to put on more weight before being moved to the nursery pools. Roo has also had his flipper tagged and this year they are orange and his number is ‘01’.

Ronnie has been moved through to the hospital and has not shut up since. She is now off milk and on to fish tails. She now weighs 13 kilos.

Magnet is also in the hospital and her flipper is improving and eye getting better.

Pebbles has also made her move to the main hospital, but has a very noisy chest the vet has diagnosed her with bronchitis and put her on a course of treatment.

Koko wounds are starting to heal and still hissing. She is also moulting her white coat and she is starting to look like a very pretty seal.

Magnet in the isolation pen in the hospital - photo was taken on 9th October 2006 by Rachael Vine Pebbles in the isolation pen in the hospital - photo was taken on 9th October 2006 by Rachael VineKoko enjoying her first shower - photo was taken on 9th October 2006 by Rachael Vine
MagnetPebbles Koko

Pup number 6 - The Sanctuary staff received a phone call from a lady from Old Town on St Mary’s yesterday (12th of October 2006), to say there was a seal on the beach that looked injured. The lady described the wounds and the team decided that the pup needed to be brought back to our hospital. We now had to get the pup on the next helicopter from the Isles of Scilly to Penzance. One of the team were dispatched to pick up the pup as it was flying in (boy were his flippers tired – I know bad joke) and due to arrive at 3.20pm. The seal pup was picked up and driven straight back to the Sanctuary and put into Isolation 2.

This is where the cute pup that had been quiet on the way back turned nasty and was showing teeth and growling at everyone. Tamara had the pleasure of jumping him and from his examination, it was discovered that he had lots of puncture wounds to his body and was malnourished. He weighed 16 kilos on arrival was between 4 - 5 weeks old and is now on a course of antibiotics vitamins and iron, we have called him Mutley. Mutley is now moving onto fish as he decided that he doesn’t need fluids anymore, and the team don’t want to lose any limbs by trying to put a tube down his throat.

Mutley in the isolation pen in hospital - photo was taken on 13th October 2006 by Rachael Vine

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