Sanctuary's Latest News Update 13th September 2008

Fatima is looking in fine condition if a little on the large side, she is keeping herself to herself and is still very hungry at feeding time. Anneka is being very naughty during pool cleaning and likes to take all the dirt from the bottom of the pool up to the top of the steps where the Animal Care Team have cleaned. She has also been harassing Snoopy. Sheba is on and off her fish this is because we have come in to the breeding season. Lizzie is still holding her reign as 'Queen of the Top Step' this she has held for a couple of weeks.Anneka
SnoopyAfter the incident last week with Snoopy (left), Ray has forgiven her and is back hanging around her. Marlin is very quiet this week, feeding OK and being well behaved. Attie is loving her rubber ring, which she has managed to steal off of Ray this week.
With no rescued seal pups in the pool, Luna and Sija are both back to training, Luna will come out onto the side, but Sija is not paying attention with training. Training is going well for Flipper (right) and Yulelogs, unfortunately Flippers' eyes lit up when the Animal Care Team forgot to take Chaff and Andy's buckets out of the enclosure. Flipper headed straight for the empty bucket and was very disappointed to find no fish that he went back in to the pool sulking. Flipper
BoadiRocky and Boadi (left) - The incident with the mats has not happened again, so all is well with the sleeping arrangements. Boadi has now taken to going after Rocky's fish in the water. Andy is getting a little mixed up at training time and keeps going to the wrong place, perhaps he thinks Chaff is getting more fish then him. Andy is also showing off thinking he can take on anything or anybody, mainly the site vehicles.
Sahara (right) is getting ice everyday, which is making him a little over excited. He can be found at the end of the day swimming up and down the pool at speed before jumping out on to the ice…this is only done when people are not watching. Thai and Bamboo were both treated to new plants in their enclosure mint, rosemary and lavender. The otters didn't like the lavender and three times the otters ripped it up and put the shredded remains near the gate for the team to collect. Thankfully the Animal Care Team took the hint and the lavender has now been removed. Sahara
BrackenAll the goats and Stanley went for a walk this week, Stanley was seeking attention from all the visitors, and the goats kept running off to explore. Ponies - Tuppence and Muffin broke the fence in to the third field and Bracken (left) was the one that managed to get through. Later on in the week Bracken managed to get in to the first field, but there were no broken fences, we think he teleported in there.

Reef, our cat, has been off doing lots of exploring.
April (right) is still hand feeding from the Animal Care Team, but the fish we leave on the side of the pool, is at least being played with and when the pool is drained and cleaned we are finding mashed up fish at the bottom of the pool.Photo of April was taken by Véronique Crombé
Skittles being transferred from the helicopter on 13th September 2008 On Saturday 13th of September we received a telephone call from St Mary's on the Isles of Scilly about a pup that had been abandoned at Porthcressa. The pup was put on the afternoon flight and the Animal Care Team picked it up from the heliport at Penzance. The pup was given fluids on landing, before heading back to the Sanctuary.
In isolation pen 1 the pup was given a full clinical assessment and found to have wounds to its flippers, chin and cut under the left eye which also had an ulcer. The pup weighs 11.5 kilos and is 5 days old and has been put on a course of antibiotics and pain relief. The pup is a little girl and been called Skittles.

Click here to view a selection of photos taken of Skittles at the heliport at Penzance.
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