Update 13th July 2007

Magnus has been in the pool a lot this week, and will not surface until he knows the talk is over and then the team will come in with the buckets. The Animal Care Team have found away around this, during the talk when they mention about Magnus, they open and close the gate to the convalescent pool. This makes Magnus thinks the fish are coming and he rises to the surface in time for feeding. We just wonder how long it will take Magnus to catch on to or little scam.

Lizzie has been lying on the steps with Sheba, at feeding time she can be found on the side of the pool poking her tongue out at all the visitors.

Fatima has spent this week winding up Snoopy and making her moan at the top of her voice.

Anneka has now cottoned on to where the fish is being distributed, and heads straight for the corner rather then competing against the other pups for the fish.

Sheba has been very quiet this week and spending her time sleeping on the steps.

Snoopy has this week been compared to Channel 4's BIG BROTHER Nicki. As they both seem to do a lot of moaning and complaining at their other housemates.

Ray is still bitting and playing with the hose pipe during cleaning, and can be found at the end of the day sucking on his flippers.

Marlin has been scaring the Animal Care Team during cleaning as he likes to chase them with his mouth open and teeth on show.

Attie is back to eating regular this week and has also been sharing nursery pool 2 with Snoopy.

Both Flotsam and Jetsam and doing lots of growling and gurgling, as we are now in the common seal breeding season. Jetsam has gone off his fish and so Sahara is reaping all the rewards of extra fish.

Flipper has an ulcer in his right eye and has now been given a course of antibiotics. Yulelog is feeling a little intimated by the increase of visitors, and spends time watching them rather then doing his training at feeding time.

Rocky has now got used to the fact it is not his feeding time when the Animal Care Team come into his enclosure and do Chaff's training.

Carus has been mean to Boadi this week. The Animal Care Team treated them both to fishy ice blocks, and Carus was given a large one and Boadi's was a little bit smaller. As soon as they were thrown in to the pool, Carus the greedy sea lion took both of them, and refused to give it to Boadi.

Both Mika and Chaff are unfazed by the visitors and are sleeping by the windows in the afternoon. Chaff is doing lots of moo-ing, which is always a surprise to our visitors.

Thai and Bamboo - The growing vegetation in the Otter enclosure has now been ripped up for the Animal Care Team, and the otters have also been hiding from the rain.

The goats have been spending more time walking in the rain with the Animal Care Team.

Ponies - Number of days since last escape 14 days. All have had they teeth filed checked and filed by the vet.

Reef, our cat, has been seen by the vet, and had a booster shot and a course of antibiotics for the graze on his chin.


Convalescence Pool:
Tiger Lilly, Pluto and Olive will all be released back into the wild on Monday morning (16th of July 2007). Eve and Boss in a few weeks time.

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