Sanctuary's Latest News Update 13th June 2008

Magnus (right) has nearly fully moulted and is moving lots around the pool. Magnus also likes to have a very hearty breakfast, and always has a little less in the afternoons. Fatima and Sheba are very hungry at the moment and likes to be first in line at feeding time. All the residents in the convalescent pool received a fish with their worming powder in; Lizzie was a naughty seal and chewed her fish rather then eat it whole. Anneka is still receiving medication for her squinty eye, and will sit patiently at feeding time in the middle of the pups, with her neck stretched out so the Animal Care Team will throw the fish to her. Magnus
SnoopySnoopy (left) is off her food at the moment and at feeding time will spit out the mackerel, this has made her grumpy, and was made even worse when the Animal Care Team came in with a water can, which set her off complaining. Ray is back to his playful self playing with the hose which means it will be full of holes and need to be replaced in a few weeks time. Anyone looking for a sprinkler hose for their garden, with seal teeth marks in, can apply through the web site. Marlin is making the most of the sunshine this week and can be found floating upside down in the pool, warming his belly. A quiet week for Attie, doing lots of swimming.
Luna continues to do well with her pregnancy and will hopefully be giving birth soon - watch this space.
Sija (right) is looking forward to becoming an Aunty and is having great fun pushing around her enrichment toys. Their fish has been increased with the impending arrival.
FlipperFlipper (left) and Yulelogs both are looking very handsome in their new coats, as both have finished moulting. Training is progressing well and Flipper will now go into the cage completely. Unfortunately both having now moulted they are back to their normal naughty selves and at cleaning time like to scare the Animal Care Team by chasing them around the pool with their mouths open.
Rocky has had his feed increase as he is not quiet back to his normal weight, but is enjoying the extra mackerel. We also steamed cleaned his pool and is looking great, that are the pools are now being treated to the same thing.

Sahara (right) has once again moulted and has grown fur which is a lovely spotted colour. He is very happy in his nursery pool and does lots of swimming, with training going well. He had a new Frisbee, but prefers his rubber ring.
Boadi - Best part of the day!Boadi (left) has started cage training in the annex and is doing really well, she is also eating her fish whole and being very playful with the ice blocks and feed balls.

Chaff also had his pool steamed cleaned this week, and training is going well, but it is that time of the year when Chaff likes to have a lie-in in the mornings, in the sunshine. Chaff will normal lie-in until after 10am, so if you visit please do not sneak up on him as he gets a fright.
Thai and Bamboo have both been quiet this week, which means they are planning something, they did have a bit of a confused look on their faces to see all the Sanctuary staff running passed their enclosure on Wednesday night. Thai and Bamboo
Monty, our goat The goats have now got used to the new resident and all are getting on very well. Stanley, the sheep, and Monty (left), likes to have lunch/dinner together, and poor Priscilla and Elvis are being dwarfed by the nettles and are waiting for Uncle Malcolm to get back from holiday so he can cut them down. All the ponies are sporting new coats and looking lovely, and no break outs this week. They have also been kicked out of their field as we have put some weed killer down.

Reef, our cat, is doing lots of hiding and likes to jump out on members of staff and scare them.
We have four seal pups that are ready to be released and both Cubert and Piran (right) have now finished moulting. Tegan is back in the convalescent pool and is also back on eye treatment. Fabula has had a second worming tablet and we also decided to flipper tag, her number is 30. Simbad is also getting bigger and April is still being force fed fish and we are trying to encourage her into the water, but is still reluctant to go in. We have also flipper tagged April, her number is 29. All other pups are putting on weight and hopefully will all be released back into the wild soon. Piran
This pod of Dolphins was seen near Customs Quay, Falmouth on 9th June 2008 - Photo copyright of Simon BoneDolphin Stranding

This week some members of the Animal Care Team attended the mass dolphin stranding at Percuil. The National Seal Sanctuary successfully helped to release two of the dolphins.

The Sanctuary would like to say a big 'Thank You' to everybody involved that day.
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