Update 13th April 2007

Magnus is annoyed at the ladies in the convalescence pool as they keep stealing his fish.

Fatima is spending lots of time on the side sleeping; she is trying to get away from all the young pups by resting in the cave. She also likes to lie on the hose now and has enjoyed all the sunshine.

Lizzie is being treated to bigger mackerel so that she does not steal Magnus' fish. She has to be fed on the side of the pool away from Magnus and the other seals.

Snoopy has been hiding away in her 'bedroom' where she is being treated to ice blocks due to the hot weather over the weekend.

Ray has found a new toy in the enclosure, which happens to be the hose that Fatima has also taken to. He has been sliding between the nursery pool and the convalescence pool keeping very active in the sun.

Marlin has been showing his boisterous side this week and has been sunbathing on his back whilst swimming back and forth. Marlin has loved the warm weather and looks as though he has been trying to get a tan all week.

Sheba has been harassing Snoopy by going into the nursery pool, which is where Snoopy has her quiet time out.

Anneka is also annoying Snoopy this week by going to and from the convalescence to the nursery pool.

Atlanta has found her own sunspot and hasn't really moved from it since the sun came out. She has been relaxing all week as well as scratching.

Flotsam and Jetsam, the common seals, have not been eating as much as they usually do, but have enjoyed the excitement of moving to sea lion lagoon on a temporary basis. They have been swimming up and down the pool at speed and love the waterfall.

Rocky is still parading up and down his new pool looking very proud and has been unfazed by Flotsam and Jetsam joining him.

Flipper and Yulelog have been given ice blocks this week. Yulelog is still going through his moult and keeps losing his fish to the sea gulls.

Carus was also given ice blocks this week but has been very frustrated because he cannot get to the fish in the middle. He has been very friendly to our Animal Care Team whilst they were cleaning his pool. He came to say 'hello' by pressing his nose up against the glass.

Mika and Chaff are still very much in love and have really enjoyed each others company for the past few days. They are also off their food, and are too busy flirting.

Thai and Bamboo have been given ice blocks but Bamboo not enjoying them as much as Thai. Thai loves the big crabs and found one in the water.

Our Goats, Elvis has an upset tummy and is off of his food he is being treated with antibiotics. All the other goats are enjoying the sunshine and paddocks.

The ponies are now back in the field and have not been breaking the fence for their great escape this week. They have had garlic powder put in the food, and the Animal Care Team have had to get the fly spray out due to the lovely spring weather we've had.

Reef, our cat, has been wormed and flead this week but fell out with Clare on the Animal Care Team.


Sahara, our hooded seal, is enjoying having time to himself in Flotsam and Jetsam's pool. He likes to sunbathe all day and is loving his feed in the morning.

Tiger Lily has been moved down to the nursery pool where she is sharing the pool with Mowgli who is teaching her to catch fish.

Convalescence Pool
The seal pups are doing really well and have liked the warm weather. They are now getting ready to be released back into the wild next week.

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