Sanctuary's News Update 12th December 2008

Fatima still has the end of her cold but is feeding well and should be better in a few days. All the residents were given special treats this week, and Fatima managed to get her flippers on the conger eel, but couldn't hang on to it. Lizzie has still got her cold, and this seems to be a little bit of a turn off for Ray (right) as he has decided that food is now more important then Lizzie. Sheba has also fallen out of love with Marlin and decided food is more important especially when there is conger eel up for grabs. Ray
Sheba Anneka is sleeping upside down in the middle cave and gets most annoyed when the Animal Care Team come in to collect the hose to clean the pool. Anneka also won the conger eel from Sheba (left) and Fatima. Snoopy is grumpy again as we have closed off nursery pool one for the pups. She is sleeping on the side of the pool, and at feeding time refuses to go in to the pool. ('Shame about Ray' - Lemonheads) Ray has made a big decision this week and has chosen food over love, so Lizzie is again single.
The Animal Care Team have been changing the position of feeding in the convalescent pool and decided to do it from behind the nursery pools. Ray who was sitting on the haul out area couldn't quite work out where the fish was coming from and so the sea gulls managed to get a few extra fish instead of Ray. Marlin (right) has a squinty eye which he is receiving treatment for, which we thing may have been caused by Sheba. But this does not hinder him as he has started to ambush the pups and steal their fish. Attie is being very playful at the moment and especially enjoys playing with the hose. She is also spending lots of time looking after and playing with the pups.Marlin
One of our common seals Both Luna and Sija have started pallet training so we can start weighing them both. Luna has managed to get the hang of this very quickly but Sija has only managed to get half her body on the pallet. Sija has also spent lots of time watching the convalescent pool over the last few months as Magnus's memory lives on. Sija in the hope of receiving extra fish, now stands on the bottom of the pool and splashes her flippers as many of our visitors know this was a trait Magnus would display.
Flipper and Yulelogs were doing excellent with their pallet training and with the scales now fixed, we weighed them both this week; Flipper weighed in at 279 kilos and Yulelogs weighed in at 278 kilos, both were given a treat of conger eel for being so good.

With the pallet training going well, we have managed to weigh Chaff and Andy as well. Chaff (right) weighed in at 174 kilos and Andy just a few kilos heavier at 178.5 kilos. For being good, a conger eel were given two of these to share but Andy ran off with the whole thing and refused to give any to Chaff.
Rocky Boadicea is going well with her cage training and we even managed to weigh Rocky (left) and Boadicea. Boadicea weighs in at 143.5 kilos and Rocky in at 275 kilos, for being good, the team gave them a conger eel, Boadi has now learnt that she can steal the conger eel and hides it in the haul out area as Rocky is blind, he is unable to find it, this is something that Pepper, Rocky's previous partner used to do. Boadi has also learned to target the wall and will stand up on her front flippers to have her health check.
Sahara's training has been going well and now knows the command 'out the pool'. We have also treated Sahara (right) to a new toy, a feed ball with a buoy attached to it, at the moment he is a little scared of this but over the next few weeks we hope he will get over his fear and start enjoying his new enrichment toys. Sahara
Thai Thai (left) has been spending lots of time doing enrichment training with the Animal Care Team, Thai now knows the command 'hold', with this she will station in one place, this help us to weigh her this week, and she has lost a lot of weight and is now back to a slim 3.7 kilos. Thai has been doing lots of grunting and rolling around in the holt covering herself in saw dust. We all know that since Bamboo passed away, she has been very lonely but we are pleased to announce that at the beginning of January she will be joined by two new friends Starsky and Hutch.
Stanley (right) has been moved to his own field (where the donkeys used to live). The Animal Care Team have made a lovely warm bed for him with lots of shavings, which he manages to get all over his coat. The Animal Care Team have also been trying to take him for a walk and he manages to walk 10 paces before he sits down on his front knees and refuses to walk anymore. Stanley
Ponies The ponies have been given Polo's by the Animal Care Team as a treat, we did give them original Polo's, but there was too much sugar and the ponies broke out, Muffin was a good girl and didn't move, we have now switched to sugar free polo mints, this has managed to deter them from breaking out. Reef has been off exploring and didn't come back for over 24 hours, and we started to get worried, luckily he turned up the next day in time for breakfast.

All the rescued seal pups were weighed this week and here are the following results:-

April (right) (flipper tag No. 031) weighs 31 kilos.
Skittles (flipper tag No. 001) weighs 33.5 kilos.
Fairy (flipper tag No. 002) weighs 26.5 kilos.
Hubbard Hubbard (left) (Flipper tag No. 003) weighs 29 kilos.
Pallin (flipper tag No. 004) was release back into the wild on the 2nd December 2008 at Church Cove; he was straight into the water without looking back.
Chomp (flipper tag No. 005) weighs 38.5 kilos and will hopefully be released back into the wild next week.
Milo (flipper tag No. 006) weighs 14 kilos and sharing a pen with Erin.
Oscar (flipper tag No. 007) weighs 21 kilos in nursery pool No. 2 and receiving antibiotics for an infection in his left rear flipper.
Gandalf (flipper tag No. 008) weighs 23.5 kilos in nursery pool No. 2 and now off treatment.
Merlin (flipper tag No. 009) weighs 20 kilos in nursery pool No. 1.
Erin (flipper tag No. 010) weighs 14.5 kilos and sharing a pen with Milo.
Sophie (flipper tag No. 011) weighs 15 kilos and has had a change of antibiotics for her front right flipper.
Sandy (right) (flipper tag No. 012) weighs 16 kilos in hospital pen No. 2 and still receiving antibiotics but breathing is much better.
Scotty Scotty (left) (flipper tag No. 013) weighs 16.5 kilos in nursery pool No. 1.
Lauren (flipper tag No. 014) weighs 13 kilos and is in hospital pen No. 1 and still receiving antibiotics.
Sam (flipper tag No. 62017) weighs 30 kilos rescued by the RSPCA from Croyde in Devon.
Shawn (flipper tag No. 62018) weighs 40 kilos rescued by the RSPCA from Baggy Point.
Rupert (flipper tag No. 61836) weighs 70 kilos first rescued by the RSPCA and taken to their East Winch centre, rehabilitated and released off the coast of Wales. He was re-rescued at Bude, malnourished and then transferred to Gweek.
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