Update 12th November 2004
Magnus – is beginning to receive the attention of the ladies in the pool but as usual he’s more interested in his fish.

Fatima – loves Magnus and along with Anneka has been enjoying teasing the new pups in the pool.

Sheba has now dumped the younger man, Marlin for the more experienced, Magnus!

Ray and Marlin have been very closely observing Magnus’ every move. Learning from the best!

Lizzie and Attie have once again become best of friends.

Flotsam and Jetsam are getting plenty of exercise – good job as both are piling the winter pounds.

Logs and Flipper are still squabbling but becoming more tolerant of each other.

Pepper has received a few love bites from Rocky this month but this week Pepper gave Rocky a taste of his own medicine which resulted in Rocky squinting. Although not too serious both are receiving precautionary pain killers and antibiotics for their injuries.

Carus and Dips have been having trouble getting out of their pool at feeding time this week as their pool has been leaking water. The Animal Care Team were quick to solve the problem and the pool can be filled to the top again.

Thai and Bamboo have been having lots of giant mealworms this week! Even the usual fearful Bamboo has been tucking in to these little critters.

Bracken and Tuppence are loving the muddy patches in their paddock and have been rolling lots especially after their daily groom.

Goats are not enjoying the rain – hiding lots under their shelters.

Roskilly, and Itchen have been putting on weight so much that the other pups sharing their pool were missing out on fish. They have been moved to the convalescent pool for the last stage of their rehabilitation.

Trent has started to feed himself but The Animal Care Team have been finding it difficult to keep him focused on fish as he is having too much fun swimming and diving in his new pool.

Arrow and Red have now been moved down to the nursery pools and feeding well.

Taff and Blyth have also been moved down to the pools and although still on treatment, their wounds are now healed and both are feeding well. Severn now weighs 17kg. She is still being treated for an abscess on her rear flipper but she is feeding well.

Wriggle and Keekle have both recovered from her wounds and weighs 18kg. She has been moved down to the nursery pools.

Dee went into have his fore flipper pinned. The op was successful and he has recovered well. In 6 weeks time Dee will have to go back to the surgery for a check up and have the metal removed – the vet is confident he will make a full recovery.

Eden is recovering well from her wounds and eating well. She will soon be moving down to the pools.

Lew and Esk have now lost their white fluffy coats and are being introduced to fish.

Camel initially was very lethargic and uninterested. She has now learnt to feed herself, her breathing has improved and is now bright and lively.

Ribble’s wounds were severe when she first arrived but they are beginning to heal with the daily cleaning and treatment from The Animal Care Team. She is learning to feed herself but seems to enjoy painting the walls with her fish.

Frome has a swelling to his rear left hock which the vet came in to take a look at. He doesn’t think it is broken so he is now being treated with pain killers and antibiotics which will hopefully allow the swelling to reduce. He is bright in himself and is learning to feed himself.

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