Update 12th October 2007

Magnus ventured into the other side of the pool this week but made sure he was back in his corner for feeding times.

Fatima had a telling off from the Animal Care Team after sticking her head in a bucket of fish and helping herself to everyone else's dinner

Sheba has had lots of attention from Magnus this week, and shared a kiss with him on Thursday.

Anneka is still annoying the Animal Care Team by getting covered in dirt at pool cleaning time and spreading all over the nice clean surface.

Lizzie has been as good as gold recently and is still keeping to her quiet self.

Atlanta has been a bit feisty at feeding times and managed to steal some fish off Anneka this week.

Atlanta having a sleep on the steps of the convalescent pool

Marlin is trying to muscle in on Magnus's favourite spot in the corner nearest to the gate by sticking his nose in front of Magnus and giving him a nudge during feeding times.

Ray has been very unhelpful this week by sitting on the hose when the Animal Care Team are trying to clean the pool.

Flipper has had an ice block all to himself as Yulelog has really not been interested. He has also spent some time floating around the pool with the life ring around his belly.

Yulelogs' training has been going well this week and seems a lot happier about his rear flippers being checked.

Luna and Sija have now settled into their new common pool really well and have enjoyed their mackerel this week.

Mika has been quite excited about some new training the Animal Care Team have introduced and has been doing really well. Chaff has been very attentive towards Mika in the mornings and she seems to be loving it.

Rocky has been feuding over fish with a family of seagulls that spend a lot of time in and around his pool.


Boadi isn't bothered by the seagulls as they eat all the bits of fish she doesn't like and leaves on the side. Carus has carefully supervised the cleaning of his pool this week by sitting on the middle haul out area where he could over see the Animal Care Team.

All the Ponies have found themselves in trouble after they broke into the shed overnight and ate all the hay Bracken and Tuppence looked particularly guilty.

The goats went for a walk but Elvis and Churchill couldn't decide who should be in front. Priscilla and Monty behaved themselves.

Thai and Bamboo were treated to an ice block containing chicks and fishtails, which Thai found particularly amusing.

Reef, our cat, is still trying to get a sympathy fish from the Animal Care Team by meowing loudly by the fish preparation room, unfortunately for Reef it has not worked…yet!

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