Update 12th August 2005

Recently we had a new seal arrive at the sanctuary who was flown all the way over from Portugal and we believe originally came from Cornwall.    Her name is Bianca.  To read more about Bianca click here.

Bianca, Portuguese seal

Photo of Bianca was taken by Rachael Vine.

We have been receiving many emails from people who have seen a seal wearing hat tag number 42, this is in fact Brant.   Brant was released back into the wild in May this year.    The photo below was taken by Sue Sayer who has a great website at   www.cornwallsealgroup.co.uk.   To read and see more photos of Brant click here

Brant in the wild, photo copyright of Sue Sayer

If you ever spot a seal with a yellow hat tag, please send us an email with details of hat tag number and location.   If you have a camera with you then why not take a photo and send it to us.

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