Update 12th May 2006

Magnus has been splashing a lot this week, and sleeping. He has also been getting slightly annoyed with Ray who has been hero worshipping him.

Fatima has had the shock of her life this week…the Animal Care Team are all wearing shorts due to the hot weather. Perhaps Fatima thinks they are each fish, and keeps trying to nip the team.

Lizzie has now come off eye treatment as they are all better.

Anneka is still squinting a bit…but only when the Animal Care Team are looking.

Sheba has been hanging out with Ray; this is a very bad sign. Sheba likes to know everything that is going on when the team come in to the enclosure. Sheba will come up to the team, and Ray will follow but will get closer showing teeth. The team are now being very cautious.

Marlin is very hungry this, this is because he lost a lot of weight during his moult, so the Animal Care Team are seeking him out during feeds so he gets a little extra.

Ray has gone a little loopy this week and has spent most of his time bouncing on the side of the pool. This has made Snoopy whinge as he was getting a bit to close.

Snoopy has spent most of this week whingeing and moaning on the side of the pool, the only time she is quiet is feeding time…but only between fish.

Flotsam has started to make funny gurgling noises and barking, this is because of the start of the Common seal breeding season. Jetsam who is younger has not started shouting yet, but training is going well.

Flipper has a little bit of a poorly eye and is on a course of antibiotics and pain relief. Yulelog has also been fighting a little bit with flipper.

Mika’s training is going well and she is growing in confidence everyday. She is also still receiving treatment for the bit wound on her shoulder. Chaff this week is doing great with training, and MaryAnn even managed to get inside the enclosure to feed. Unfortunately Chaff is a little confused as to what type of animal he is. Chaff thinks he is a cow and can be heard mooing in the afternoons.

Pepper is now using her ‘yoga’ mat for sleeping on. Hopefully this will improve her arthritis. Rocky has been doing a lot of baking this week, probably trying to compete with Chaff.

Carus is looking a little…comfortable to hide his blushes. We may have to think about putting him on a diet. Thai and Bamboo have had their pool cleaned this week. As yet they have destroyed their enclosure. They have been enjoying the Animal Care Team that their pool was shallow and spent the morning chasing each other around the enclosure.

Muffin finally managed this week to get her head collar off, the Animal Care Team have a plan though to entice her with a bucket of food to put her to bed at night. Muffin has also lost a lot of weight. Tuppence has had his tail trimmed and all three have had a good groom.

Our goats are still enjoying the Animal Care Team new healthy eating lifestyle, as well as brambles the goats had a helping of broccoli.


Bock now weighs 22.5 kilos and had his pen filled with water, and his neck wound continues to improve everyday.

Ginger and Smuggler had the dividing gate removed today poor Ginger got the shock of her life as six other pups descending on her pool...including Ray who raced to meet them both. Smuggler got used to the other pups very quickly. Ginger spend a few hours being scared, but will hopefully enjoy meeting all the other pups and residents.

After going off his food last week, Stoggs is now back to normal and feeding well. Stoggs is still having a few problems with his eye.

Bogart is still vomiting fish but the team are keeping a close eye on him.

Doom’s teeth are ok at the moment, but they will be checked next week and if they are found to be wobbly, we may have to consider removing them.

Ghost, Tanglefoot, Bailey, Slip and Skiff all have clear blood results and hope to be released next week.

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