Update 12th January 2007

Magnus’s second wind as now gone and he has lost interest in Fatima. Magnus is now starting to moult and is doing lots of splashing for extra fish.

Lizzie is still best friends with Atlanta, and has been spending a lot of time together with each other. Lizzie was a bit upset this week when Atlanta went off to meet the Animal Care Team and the fish at feeding time, but was soon reunited.

After spending a week with Magnus, Fatima has now retreated into a cave, she has also lost her appetite and so this means she is starting to think about moulting.

Sheba is very hungry at the moment, and also doing her part in aiding the pups in their rehabilitation. She does this by fighting the pups for as many fish as she can get, but don't worry, the Animal Care Team check that all the pups get their share of the fish.

Surprise, Surprise, Snoopy is not a happy seal!! And is spending most of her time on the side of the pool, shouting at the pups who are taking her fish, and so will not go into the water, this means she doesn’t get any fish, (sometimes the Animal Care Team feel sorry for her and she does get the odd fish thrown to her).

Ray and Marlin are improving and now both have come off their medication and have had their nursery pool filled with water. Ray is loving being in the water after nearly a month but Marlin is not happy about the situation and stays on the haul out.

All the common seals are happy and fat, and Little Ed is still doing flipper stands in the pool. Flotsam and Jetsam also had a little bit of training this week, and both were excellent.

Yulelog has managed to pick up a little bit of speed this week and so the fish ratio for seals and sea gulls were in favour of Yulelog. Both Flipper and Yulelog were then treated to conger eel - much too their delight.

Rocky seems to be doing fine by himself, and is feeding well and doing lots of swimming, he has started to moult out of season, so the Animal Care Team are keeping a close watch on him.

Carus is very hungry at the moment, so much so he is destroying his enclosure and eating the rocks (this is normal behaviour, and Patagonian Sea Lions would do this in the wild, but no one is sure why!). Carus has now had his feed increased and was treated to a conger eel, which was frozen, annoying Carus as he could not eat it straight away, and had to wait for it to defrost!!

Mika and Chaff are doing lots of flirting with each other, both are feeding well and enjoying the sprats, and their training is going well.

Thai and Bamboo were treated to conifer branches this week, which they have shredded and put in with their bedding so it is now smelling wonderful.

All the goats went for a walk this week around site to take a look at all the pups. Once again Churchill and Monty were allowed to walk with no leads and so were leading the pack.

The ponies also went for a walk this week, to meet all the pups and the ponies were treated to a lovely make over from our volunteers.

Our cat Reef is always hungry (he must have hollow legs), and is not enjoying the rain.


Convalescence Pool
All the pups are doing well and continue to put on weight at least four of these guys including Roo, Daisy, Magnet and Pebbles are ready to be released as soon as the weather improves.

Nursery Pool
Eve is continuing to improve on a daily basis and is now happy to catch and eat her fish all by herself, even if it is a little messy. Woody had a bit of a shock this week, when he was moved out into the outside nursery pool in the dark after a new arrival needed his pen in the hospital.

Hospital - main area
Chip is doing really well and has been seen by the vet, who has seen the improvement in his jaw and has arranged for him to have the wire removed in about 7 - 10 days time.

Belle has now had her second bloods taken and is off treatment and wounds are healing. Once she is confident at catching her fish in the water and her blood results come back clear, she will be moved outside to join the other seal pups.

Arial has had to have a change of antibiotics as her health was not improving, since the change of medication, she is doing really well, her wounds have healed and she is now having her pen filled with water on a daily basis.

Bambi is now off all medication, feeding very well in water, clear blood results came back, and so on Friday 12th of January she was moved outside to join the Common seals and Little Ed – The Animal Care Team are sure this will be a shock to all.

Rhubarb was a little bit nervous with all the commotion going on around her, but over the last few days she became a very nosey seal and likes to know everything that is going on. Rhubarb would also follow the team around the hospital when she saw them coming with fish in the hope of an extra meal. With Bambi moving out, Rhubarb has now been moved into hospital pen number 4.

Hospital - Isolation
Pluto is doing ok apart from the infection in his eye. His eye is still looking red, and we believe he has lost the sight in that eye. With the treatment the infection should clear up, this means the Animal Care Team would not have to operate and remove the eye.

Olive has had her second bloods taken, and has now turned aggressive towards the people trying to treat her. It now takes two people to go into her enclosure and treat her, but her wounds are healing well.

Did you know that.....All our pups are up for adoption. Please check out our adoption page for more information.

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