Update 12th January 2006

Magnus has lots of love bites on him from the ladies this week, who have welcomed him back in to the main pool especially Fatima and Sheba.

Sheba and Fatima: Apart from spending lots of time with Magnus, these ladies have also started moulting, and can be found on the side of the pool.

Anneka has spent a lot of time this week sleeping upside down.

Lizzie is still very hungry, and keeps popping out the water with her flipper in the air trying to attract more fish from the Animal Care Team.

Snoopy is spending most of her time sitting next to dad (Magnus) on the side of the pool, after a few quiet days, Snoopy is back to moaning at the top of her lungs.

Poor Ray has had lots of attention from Sheba this week, who keeps biting him on the burn. The Animal Care Team is keeping an eye on his wounds so they donít get infected.

Marlin has also been receiving attention from Sheba this week and has a sore nose from where she bit him.

Over the last week or so Atlanta has been suffering from a skin and eye problem. With medication, this has now cleared up and Attie is back to her old self.

Flotsam and Jetsam - After the Animal Care Team made their new enrichment toys a few weeks ago and put them in to their pool, the scared factor is still their and they really dislike their raft, luckily they love the rubber ring and can be found playing in that most of the day.

Yulelog and Flipper have been fighting this week, and both seem to have bits mark to their necks. The Animal Care Team is keeping a close eye on them and hopefully it wonít be to long before they are the best of friends again.

Rocky is very hungry at the moment, so the Animal Care Team have upped the number of fish we feed him (much to Rockyís enjoyment), he has also been jumping out at the Animal Care Team after feeding. Pepper is feeding well and enjoying playing with her new feed ball. Since last week, Pepper has insisted on biting her fish in half, now this has become too much for her, so the Animal Care Team are cutting the fish in half before feeding time.

Carus has been very naughty this week, after the initial excitement of doing his training, he has decided not to work for his fish now and keeps trying to put his head in the bucket of fish. This has meant he has had a telling off from the Animal Care Team. Serendipity has also started target training this week, this is to prepare her to be happy to go out the door of her enclosure in preparation for an eye examination.

After nearly 2 years in the planning, Thai and Bambooís escape plan was ready for completion. They had been working over the last few years to bring down a tree over the enclosure so they could both escape, unfortunately their plan has been ruined by the site Foreman, who spotted the tree was ready to fall and cut it down, before they had a chance to get out. It is now back to the drawing board for Thai and Bamboo.

Bracken, Tuppence and Muffin - As we had had a few more extra staff this week, the ponies have had a good groom and their ponytails trimmed.

Monty, Churchill, Elvis and Priscilla - The Animal Care Team have been treating the goats to some table scrapes this week.


Doom has now been moved down to the nursery pools after having his stitches out.

Mite, Pumpkin, Skinner and Thatcher have all been fitted with hag tags and once we get some nice weather, we will hopefully release them.

Casper, Ghost and Ouija arrived from the RSPCA centre on Wednesday, these pups have been flipper tagged and wormed, these pups have been moved down to the Sanctuary for the last stages of rehabilitation before being released.

Spike, Blonde, Guinness, Tusker, Bob, Quinn, Shambles, Vixen, Slip, Skiff, Humbug and Scrumpy are all doing well in the convalescence pool and progressing well with their rehabilitation.

Fawn has had a few problems feeding this week, but is now doing much better.

Stella has had her blood taken and is now off treatment, she is now having her pen filled with water each day, so she can get some exercise.

Spingo has been to the local vets this week for an x-ray and ultrasound, as he was passing blood. It seems Spingo has an infection, and he is receiving extra fluids with his fish. It is doing well and is improving every day.

Hobson has had his final bloods and stitches removed, and has been moved down to the nursery pools.

Storm is doing well, but sending alot of time sleeping.

Speckle is recovery from bite wounds and has been moved out of isolation to the main hospital.

Amber no longer has a snotty nose and is in good condition. She is now feeding herself and has had clear blood results.

Bailey has also been moved from isolation in to the main hospital. His wounds and eye are healing well. The Animal Care Team are having to hand feed Bailey at the moment as he will not eat his fish off the floor.

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