Update 11th September 2004
The Animal Care Team are happy with the weight Magnus has now put on, as he was looking abit thin after all the pups had left the convalesce pool.

Sheba has had a bad eye now for a couple of weeks, but this seems to be slowly on the mend.

Lizzie, Atlanta and Anneka are all ok and doing well.

Ray is happy to be back in the convalescence pool with his buddy Marlin, also it has been noticed that Ray has a patch of fur on his left cheek and on his chin.

Marlin has now calmed down after the return of Ray and is doing well with the target training, which he seems to enjoy.

Flotsam and Jetsam are still off their food but enjoying playing with each other, and are looking great with their new coats.

Flipper is doing great with his target training and can be fed fish and put his nose back on the target stick without being asked.

Yule logs has put on a little bit of weight since arriving at the new pool but still has a long way to go. Rocky and Pepper are still off their food, but are playing more, with Rocky chasing Pepper round the pool. Rocky is also doing a lot of barking at the moment.

Carus and Dips are both showing lots of affection to each other.

Bamboo and Thai are still in a very playful mood, but we think Bamboo may have been stung by a wasp earlier in the week as he was limping, this has now healed and he is fine.

Frodo, one of the pups from our 2003/2004 rescue season who is still with us, is set to be released in the next few weeks. The Animal Care Team are just waiting for the blood results to come back.

Smartie and Bubble who are staying with us for a short time (see press release "Surprise Surprise") arrived on Tuesday evening. Both seals have settled well in to their temporary home after their long journey.

Thomas is spending his time in the hospital in the dry now the rain is here.

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