Update 11th August 2006

Magnus has been very demanding over the last week, getting the animal care team very wet at feed time as he splashes the water with his front flippers to get more fish!

Snoopy and Sheba seem to be competing for who can moan the loudest at pool cleaning time – Snoopy wins by a decibel!

Fatima has been getting lots of exercise over the last couple of weeks during talk time – favourite strokes back crawl and breaststroke! When the feed time comes around she is the most patient of all the seals and very gently takes her fish from the animal care team.

Always on the look out for trouble, Anneka was the first to notice when a visitor dropped their lip balm into the pool. She was seen looking very pleased with herself, pushing it along the surface of the water with her nose, preventing the animal care team retrieving it.

Ray has been hero worshipping Magnus again, watching his every move much to the annoyance of old Magnus who just wants a quiet life. After feed time Ray is usually the first out on the side basking in the afternoon sun.

Marlin seems to be going through a second moult this year and has a new steely grey coat coming through.

Attie seems a little lost after the animal care team were forced to remove her favourite toy the raft from the pool to be repaired. Instead she has been given a buoy with a rope which she seems to enjoy chewing on!

Flotsam is now growing through a new spotty coat and Jetsam is not far behind. Both are very hungry at the moment and the animal care team have increased the number of fish they are getting each day.

Yulelogs and Flipper are still getting their extra feed a day and both seals are now good healthy weights. Both Flipper and Yulelogs have obviously been feeling well as the animal care team are finding both seals a bit of a handful when it comes to pool cleaning time! They enjoy rolling and lying on the hose to force the animal care team to hose them down and trying to bowl the animal care team over – anything to help!

After being a little of his food for a couple of weeks Rocky is now feeding regularly and well into his moult. Pepper has been looking well but the animal care team have had to get sneaky with her arthritis medication, if Princess Pepper gets any suspicion that their may be medication in her fish, she will simply refuse to eat the whole bucket of fish!

Carus has developed an infection in his right eye for which the vet has prescribed some antibiotics for, nothing too serious though as the animal care team are already seeing an improvement.

The animal care team have now removed Mika and Chaff’s cages from their enclosure and are now allowing Mika and Chaff to stay in the pool whilst they clean. Mika and Chaff are enjoying keeping a close eye on the cleaning efforts of the team and love playing and dashing around in the shallows when the pool is filled again.

Thai and Bamboo have been treated to new bark chipping digging pits which they were both very excited about! They have also been getting lots of crunchy crickets and chewy mealworms this week.

New eight month old seal pup Darwin, rescued from Portugal, arrived last week to go through his final stage of rehabilitation and be released with the sanctuary’s last two pups Bogart and Fawn. He is being quarantined at the moment as he has a runny nose which he is being treated for but will soon be meeting Fawn and Bogart before being released.

Reef the cat is gaining more confidence every day. He now regularly joins the animal care team when mucking out the paddocks in the morning and is always found waiting patiently at the paddocks for his tea at the end of the day.

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