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Issue 45
11th July 2010

Convalescent Pool
Gilderoy (photo below) has now been moved into the convalescent pool and the gates have been put up to the nursery pools. Gilderoy who is now reached 39 kilos will be released back into the wild in a few weeks time.

As he is the last pup at the Sanctuary from the 2009/10 rescue season, his release will be a little different, normally this is done on the beach but he will be released via a boat.
Gilderoy 39 kilos and nearly ready for release back into the wild
With the gates up at the nursery pools we have a grumpy Snoopy who likes to use the nursery pools as her own private bed room.

All the other girls are doing well a little on and off their fish but this is normal for this time of the year.

A BIG WELL DONE to Ray (photo below) who at the moment has a full body of fur and looking very handsome indeed, with Marlin now in with Flipper and Yulelogs, he has to find another way to get himself occupied, lucky for him when the pool is refilled he likes to sit with his head under the water coming in, think this keeps him nice and cool.
Ray keeping cool in the sun
Andy and Chaff
South African Fur Seals, Andy and Chaff, over the last few months have been doing some extra enrichment training. The Animal Care Team have been training both of our Fur Seals to go in and out of two large cages.
Wayne repairing the fur seals pool
Andy (photo below) and Chaff’s pool needs some repair work doing and the safest way for our site team to do this is to move the boys out of this pool. Photo above: Wayne repairing the Fur Seals pool.

The boys have done really well with their training and on Saturday 10th July moving day had arrived.
Andy also out on the side in nursery pools 3 and 4
Chaff (photo below) and Andy’s move went as planned and now both have been temporary housed in the nursery pools (hence the gates going up and Snoopy being grumpy).
Chaff in nursery pools in 1 and 2
Both have settled in to their new environment, and will only be in there for a week or two at the most. The amazing thing is at the moment you can see Chaff (photo below) swimming under the water via the windows in the Seal Academy.
Chaff underwater
Grey Seals
Marlin has settled in well and has even found his very own sleeping place in the pool, its just next to the waterfall, and he even as his own rock to rest his head on acting like a pillow.

Training with Marlin is a very slow process not only due to the fact he is in a new pool but also as he is a completely blind seal, but will improve over time with expert help from our Animal Care Team.

Flipper and Yulelogs training is a little hit and miss with these guys, some days they do a wonderful job other days refusing to do it, but on the hole all are getting on well together.
Common Seals
Now that Luna and Sija have no pups in their pool we have started to put their enrichment toys back in the pool.

First to go back in was the raft which Sija was very pleased to see.

When the pool is emptied and cleaned Sija likes to sit on top of the raft and ride it while the pool is filling back up.

Both are starting to go through their annual moult and in a few weeks we will start to see their new fur coats come through.
Sea Lions
André is still as bolshie as ever and entertaining our visitors with his unusual bark. Noito and Diego are doing really well with their enrichment training, and Diego is now receiving around 13 kilos of fish a day.
Starsky and Hutch seem to have settled their differences and are now best friends again.

At feeding time both have to be a little quick on their feet as three Blue Jays turn up at feeding time and stealing the food that the Animal Care Team hide and the entertainments team give them at feeding time.
Penguins logo
With summer fast approaching our new Humboldt Penguins are starting to put on weight in preparation for their moult which starts around the end of July beginning of August.

Gilbert (green chick) the first to try anything has already started his moult, which means the other wont be far behind.
All are penguins now know what time feeding time is and where the team come in to the enclosure that they all stand their waiting ready for the fish.
All the ponies are well. Tuppance was treated to a new coat by the Animal Care Team which she looks very cool in-it is to help her keep ´cool´ in the heat as well as a fashion statement.

The goats are enjoying the extra visitors at the Sanctuary and like to run along the side of the fence for an extra pat on the head or stoke of the belly.

Stanley ´man´ (photo below), Bella and Bluebell are also feeling a little cooler after the removal of their winter coats.

A very cool Stanley Man
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