Sanctuary's Latest News Update 11th July 2008

Magnus has been doing lots of swimming this week around the pool and is still hanging out at the inlet water pipe. Fatima is doing lots of surprising the Animal Care Team at feeding time by jumping out the pool and putting her head in the bucket. Sheba having been spying on what Fatima is getting up to, she has decided this looks fun and is following suit. Lizzie is being a good girl and jumps out the pool and on to the side for fish but waits until the Animal Care Team throw it to her. Anneka has a squint but only seems to happen when Amy (right) from the Animal Care Team feeds in the Convalescence Pool; perhaps Anneka thinks she can butter Amy up for more fish. Amy comes in to feed the seals in the convalesent pool!
Ray on top step of convalescent poolSnoopy like to go on her travels and spends some of her day moving around the haul out area. When she is not doing this, she has been spending time with her Dad sitting next to the inlet pipe. Ray is trying to catch a little bit of the sunshine we had this week, and can still be found sleeping on the top step with his flippers in the air. Marlin has been doing his impression of a torpedo and jumping out the water, but also been playing chase with Attie. Attie has been playing chase with Marlin so not missing the pups at all. This week the Animal Care Team have put the seal toys back in the pool and Attie took a great liking to the black rubber ring which she was wearing around her neck.
Now some sad news, we were all waiting excitedly for the arrival of the Luna's pup, Luna did give birth but it was unfortunately still born. The pup has gone for a postmortem and we are awaiting the results. Luna has been a little off her food over the last few days but continues to make improvements every day. Sija has been pretending to be a dolphin and porpoising up and down the pool and trying to keep Luna amused. Luna
Boadi (top) and Rocky (bottom) Flipper and Yulelogs really enjoying their new bigger pool. Both are still trying to bit the Animal Care Team during cleaning, and both are swimming around the pool pretending to be crocodiles with just their eyes above the water.

Rocky and Boadi (left) are getting on really well together, that they had their picture taken for the newspaper this week. Boadi is still making sure that Rocky does not have as many fish as her, and is still adjusting her swim pattern so Rocky does not bump in to her.
Chaff has been doing cage training over the last few weeks and on Sunday he was moved in to Nursery Pool 1 & 2 so we could repair his pool. Anybody who has visited the Sanctuary will know we have been temporally looking after another South African Fur Seal by the name of Andy (right) and lives in Pools 3 & 4. With Mika sadly passing away in April of this year, we are looking at possibly putting these two Fur Seals in the same pool when it is fixed. So far there has been a little bit of barking between the two, but signs look good that they may be housed together at the Sanctuary. Andy
AprilSahara and the Pups - Sahara is a little scared of all the pups, spends most of his time on the side of the pool, and is normally joined by April (left). April is going in the water more often now, but is still being force fed some fish, Cubert tries to get in on the act and likes to try and get his head in the towel as well. All the other pups are doing well.

Bamboo was weighed this week and the question we need to ask is 'Who ate all the pies?...' Bamboo is still sneaking food and hiding it under his stone for later, Thai still has not found his secret stash. He was also out of sorts the other day and we think he may have had another fit, or he was just having an off day.
Goats are all back to their normal goaty-selfs and Stanley was weighed this week; we could not get a reading as the battery on the scales was flat. We will try again next week. The Ponies have been eating lots of grass and hiding from the torrential rain that descended on Cornwall this week. Bracken (right) also had a new bucket as he had put holes in the last one.

Reef, our cat, is doing lots of hunting on site and being very friendly.
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