Update 11th May 2007

Magnus is very hungry this week and has been doing lots of splashing in the hope of extra fish but with no luck.

Lizzie is sleeping a lot, mostly on the top step in the convalescence pool. She is joined sometimes by Atlanta who sleeps on the next step down.

At the end of last week, we moved some of the heavier pups from the convalescence pool into the new pool, ready for their release early next week. Anneka thought she would help out by pushing the Animal Care Team as they moved the pups into the cages and out of the pool.

Fatima is moulting and so is spending lots of time in the caves away from the public - all you can see is her bottom.

Sheba is still trying her best to get extra attention and fish from the Animal Care Team during feeding time.

Snoopy has found something else to complain about this week. At the moment, we have no herring, other seals seemed un-bothered about this and are happy with the mackerel. Unfortunately the mackerel displease Snoopy and she is refusing to eat them most days.

Ray is a very hungry boy at the moment and seems to be eating everything in sight.

Marlin isn't very hungry this week, and is a little on the quiet side. We are sure he will be back to his normal annoying self in the next few days.

Atlanta is not hungry at the moment and is losing patches of fur which could be due to her under active thyroid.

Both Flotsam and Jetsam were surprised this week to find that they are being treated to a 4pm feed, this is because Olive (one of our rescued pups) is sharing their pool. Over the last few weeks, we thought that Sahara was growing hair, this turns out to be untrue, and so we still wait. He is a lot more active this week and can be found guarding the gate during feeding time, if any of the others come up behind him and try to get in on the action, he turns around and barks and growls at them.

Yulelogs is still continuing to moult but his new coat is coming through, he is looking very handsome! Flipper's vision is affected by the cloudy film covering his lens but otherwise he is in good health. We have put some netting over the top of the pool, and this has helped with the sea gulls not taking the fish - unless the Animal Care Team aim is off and it ends up on top of the netting.

The last of the repairs to Rocky's new pool should be completed over the next week or so and we can then move him back to his new home. He is feeding well and even doing some early morning barking.

This was the first time we have cleaned Carus and Boadicea's pool since the new arrival, and Boadi seemed un-bothered by the Animal Care Team cleaning, if anything she was bored with the whole thing and kept yawning. Carus is swallowing his fish at record speed in the hope that he can steel Boadi's fish, not likely...

Mika and Chaff are still very much in love, we have moved their training to outside the pool (Mika and Chaff stay in the pool, we train from outside) this is going very well.

Both Thai and Bamboo have been doing lots of training this week in preparation for their visit to the vets next week. Thai was treated to a child's dummy when it fell in the enclosure. Luckily the alarm was raised and the dummy was recovered before Thai became too attached to it.

Goats - Elvis has been very noisy this week especially when the ponies get fed before he does.

Ponies - Both the Animal Care Team and the site team have spent time reinforcing all the fences, it should now prove impossible for the Ponies to escape.

Reef, our cat, has now forgiven the Animal Care Team for the flea & worm treatment and is back enjoing lots of cuddles.


Coral, in hospital pen 4, is now in water and contining to put on weight, next week, if all bloods are clear, she should be moved down to the outside Common Seal pool.

Common Seal Pool
Olive is still not putting on weight and this we think is due to an early moult, which normally wouldn't happen in pups born this year.

Convalescence Pool
All the pups need to put on more weight, we should have some more to go in a few weeks time. Tiger Lilly has stopped copying Lizzie and now has a new past time of screaming through the morning and afternoon talks. Once she starts, this gives Pluto his curtain call to join in.

Seals released back into the wild
With the tides right on the morning of Tuesday 8th of May 2007, we decided it was time to release a few more seals back into the wild. At 8am, we loaded up Rimmer, Flik, Smurf, Magnet, Chip and Pudey and took them for the 10 minute drive to the release site. The surf was a little higher than we expected, but the excitement coming from the seals in the trailer meant it was time to say goodbye. We lowered the trailer door down and with little hesitation, the open sea called and they were off flopping down the beach and into the water. Click on this link to watch the video of the release.

Did you know that.....Each pup can cost up to 1,000 to rehabilitate, if you would like to adopt a pup
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